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Free Resources

by GS SCORE on 07 December at 12:08 PM


by GS SCORE on 07 December at 10:00 AM

Daily Answer Writing

Weekend Special


05 December at 05:00 PM

Weekly Current Affairs Test: December 2019 - Week 1

25 Questions | 25 Minutes
Daily Answer Writing

Weekend Special

The implication of Nation Register of Citizens (NRC) being proposed for the entire country by different sections of society and the government would be far and wide. Discuss. Analyse does India need a countrywide NRC in the light of NRC exercise in Assam?

Governance, Population


  1. Briefly introduce NRC and the sections that pitch for countrywide NRC
  2. Discuss Implications of countrywide NRC
  3. Analyse the fallouts of NRC in Assam and then make deductions for Countrywide NRC
  4. Conclusion

by GS SCORE on 04 December at 12:09 PM

Current Affairs

by GS SCORE on 03 December at 12:52 PM

Daily Answer Writing

Weekend Special

Recently, the J&K High Court decriminalised beggary in the State. Discuss Beggary as a social issue, and critically examine if it should be decriminalised across the country.

Topic: Social Issues


  1. Briefly describe what constitutes begging
  2. Discuss beggary as a social issue in India
  3. List the legal provisions in Indian constitution regarding beggary
  4. Why did J&K high court decriminalise beggary in the state; state reasons
  5. Critically examine the above reasons
  6. Examine if beggary should be decriminalised across India; state reasons
  7. Conclusion

by GS SCORE on 02 December at 12:17 PM


by GS SCORE on 02 December at 11:15 AM

General Discussion

For preparation

by Mehul Kumar on 30 November at 04:37 PM

General Discussion

by divyanshi Shukla on 29 November at 06:51 PM