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Thematic Answer Writing Initiative by GS SCORE

Answer writing in UPSC Mains Exam is quite important but mere writing answers will not suffice the purpose as the questions asked in this exam should be analyzed with a wider perspective. For this we need concoction of Conceptual clarity, syllabus coverage and most importantly the articulation of the information in the required word limit and time.

In this context, GS SCORE brings to you Theme based Answer Writing which will not only develop the needed skill set of articulation and presentation in answer writing but also focus on improving your conceptual clarity and syllabus coverage in a time bound manner.  It will include Concept Mapping Activities, Answer Writing, Evaluation, and Mentorship sessions.

The Theme Based Answer Writing will be covering Major themes from all the subjects along with Optional Subjects. We have divided the GS and Optional syllabus in themes and each theme covers multiple topics, thus, through one theme multiple topics can be covered and ultimately you will get a sense of completion in further months.

To participate in the answer writing program, Register yourself for the test. Copies will be evaluated only for the registered students. Registration will be closed after the scheduled date.

Answer Writing, Copy Evaluation, and Marks Improvement Cycle:

Step 1 (Answer Writing):

1. Read the description of the theme along with the topics covered in the theme to get perspective on what to read before writing the test.
2. Questions will be uploaded on the portal on the scheduled date at 7:00 AM.
3. You have to write your answers on an A4 size sheet leaving margins on both sides based on the UPSC pattern.
4. Mention your name, email id, location, and phone number on the 1st page in the top right corner and the page number on each page.
5. After writing the answers, Click pictures of each page of your answer sheet, merge them all in a single PDF and upload them in the upload section of the same question.
6. Written answer sheets will be accepted before 7:00 PM or until First 100 copies are received.

Note: Answer sheets without the proper guidelines given above will not be accepted for evaluation.

Step 2 (Copy Evaluation): After evaluation, the first 100 copies will be uploaded to your account. During the copy evaluation period, doubt clearing and discussion about the theme or topic of the test with respective mentors of the test will be done in the telegram group

Step 3 (Mentorship): Once evaluated copies will be sent to you, and a mentorship session for the marks improvement with respective faculty will be conducted online so that students can get a wider perspective of the topics. Here you can discuss your evaluated copies also with the faculty.

For discussion sessions, you will be notified through SMS and Telegram Group.

For Notification And Update About the Program Join the Telegram Group at: https://t.me/gsscoreopendailyanswerwriting


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