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UPSC Syllabus: Prelims, Mains, Optional & Micro Details

UPSC Civil Services examination is the most challenging Examination in the country. The single open-secret of all the IAS exam toppers is that they always stick to the UPSC syllabus.

The journey toward success in this prestigious examination and becoming an officer starts with the right approach and understanding of the demands of the exam. This journey starts with the UPSC Prelims & Mains syllabus. The crux of cracking the UPSC Civil Services Examination lies in the decoding of the syllabus and aligning one's preparation with it. It is the single, most important entity from which the road to success in this prestigious examination begins. Yet, only thorough reading and abstract understanding of it isn't enough. One needs to be mindful about reading between the lines and identify the implicit aspects through micro detailing.

The effective utilisation of the syllabus can make or break the chances for a candidate to get selected. Everything that a candidate prepares through- newspaper, study material, internet blogs/articles, magazines, classes etc should be mapped to the syllabus and dimensions. In this manner, the candidate can bring organisation and order to his/her preparation. It also helps in effective revision and efficient course completion. In a way ensuring SUCCESS.

Keeping this crucial need in mind, GS SCORE has prepared UPSC Syllabus Micro topic detailing along with an extensive series of videos explaining the syllabus for IAS 2022-203 to keep up with the changing dynamics of Exam.

More UPSC Syllabus

To ace the Civil Service Examinations, it is very important to know the syllabus. The single open-secret of all the IAS exam toppers is that they always stick to the syllabus. Different stages of the IAS Examination have different syllabus. They check the different qualities and aspects of an aspirant to extract the créme de la créme from them for the prestigious services.

The Preliminary Examination is the first phase in the UPSC IAS Examination, which tests general awareness, critical thinking and logical abilities of an IAS aspirant. The objective-type questions are made to eliminate the maximum number of candidates. To clear this phase, IAS aspirants require a proper strategy, conceptual clarity, and regular revision. Thus, the IAS prelims syllabus becomes very important to strategies according to individual strengths and weaknesses.

The Mains examination of the UPSC Civil Service Examinations (CSE) is much more complex and challenging. It tests the knowledge and intellectual traits, conceptual clarity and understanding of fundamental concepts, coherency and preciseness with clarity of expression. The IAS Main examination syllabus provided by UPSC makes it easier for candidates to strategies and focus in the right direction. However detailing of each mains and contemporary issues topic makes task little essay.

GS SCORE provides a micro-listing of topics which enlists detailed topic-wise UPSC syllabus helping the IAS aspirants to complete their preparation with a better understanding of the UPSC Prelims & Mains Syllabus to help them achieve success in this very attempt.


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