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History of Dogri Language and Literature

Answers must be written in Dogri

Section- A
History of Dogri Language
1. Dogri language: Origin and development through different stages.
2. Linguistic boundaries of Dogri and its dialects.
3. Characteristic features of Dogri language
4. Structure of Dogri Language:
(a) Sound Structure:
    Segmental: Vowels and Consonants
     Non-segmental: Length, Stress, Nasalization, Tone and Juncture.

(b) Morphology of Dogri:
    Inflection Categories: Gender, Number, Case, Person, Tense and Voice.
     Word Formation: use of prefixes, infixes and suffixes.
     Vocabulary: tatsam, tadbhav, foreign and regional.
(c) Sentence Structure: Major Sentence- types and their constituents, agreement and concord in Dogri syntax.

5. Dogri Language and Scripts: Dogre/Dogra Akkhar, Devanagari and Persian.

Section B
History of Dogri literature
A brief account of Pre-independence Dogri Literature: Poetry & Prose.
        Development of modern Dogri Poetry and main trends in Dogri Poetry.
        Development of Dogri short-story, main trends & prominent short-story writers.
        Development of Dogri Novel, main trends & contribution of Dogri Novelists.
        Development of Dogri Drama & contribution of prominent playwrights.
        Development of Dogri Prose:- Essays, Memoirs & travelogues.
        An introduction to Dogri Folk literature- Folk songs, Folk tales & Ballads.


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