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How to make Notes for Civil Service Exam ?

UPSC Civil Services Exam is the most prestigious examination in India. Those who clear it goes on to hold the reins of the entire country. Each year lakhs of candidates appear in the exam but only a few hundred make it to the final list. Therefore tough competition, vast Syllabus and limited time for preparation demand that studentslearn the art of making great Notes in order to save time, consolidating the Core ideas and eliminating ancillary information. As a result, it saves revision-time and helps in framing crisp and clear answers in UPSC Examination. Notes also help a student to shield himself from excess information burden and focus on only what is important from the exam point of view to ensure his success.

The first and foremost step in Note-making is to have a strong understanding of Official Syllabus and read from the most authoritative texts.


How to Prepare Current Affairs for IAS Preparation?

Since the changes in the UPSC Exam Pattern, Current Affairs has become a very prominent component in Civil Services Examination as many questions at every stage of the three-tier examination are asked from this section. Most of the aspirants whether they are beginners or veterans of the exam are still skeptical about Civil Services Exam Preparation.

How to stay motivated? Students experience low motivation ?

Examinations, and especially UPSC, being the toughest examination in the country is quite stressful. Students often feel a lack of motivation and eventually, they want to give up. However, this is just a phase and everybody goes from it. To overcome this phase, there are few ways.

How to improve productivity in prepration of civil services examination ?

Today’s world has become a more distracting place. Ever-increasing interruptions impact UPSC aspirant's productivity and if remain unchecked could end up in the catastrophic result. In this article, we will be sharing few feasible ways in which a student can improve both his efficiency and productivity-two most important attributes in Civil Services Examination preparation.

How to Start Preparation for UPSC?

A goal without proper planning remains a mere dream. It is also true in the case of civil services.Civil Service Exam being the toughest exam in the country require more than just preparation. It requires what is called ‘strategy plus preparation’.A good strategy makes a thin line of separation between aspirants and smart aspirants. The later become more productive with fewer inputs where the former are less productive with more inputs. Underlying the basic philosophy of civil service exam aspirants must have to understand, plan and execute that plan properly for qualifying Civil Services. GS SCORE has helped thousands of aspirants in designing their dreams and converting them into realities. The credibility and reputation that the institute has built over years is a landmark milestone in itself as the institute believes in serving the candidates on individual basis for proper guidance, teaching and counseling apart from the class lectures, group discussions, and mock tests.

How to crack IAS prelims 2019 ?

Seeing the trend of Prelims exam in last few years, it requires much attention as concepts are being asked in more complex way and micro-detailing of topics is required to answer several questions. So here are some steps for preparation in final days.As the PT exam is approaching, some of you may be feeling the pressure and nervousness. You may have been in doubt about completing your syllabus. This is quite common and you need not to be panic.

How to start preparation for IAS examination ?

Before you should know how to become IAS, it is also important to know why you want to become IAS because that will sail the candidate through the long and turbulent journey of UPSC Civil Service Examination. The reason can be anything but should be strong enough to keep you away from the distractions.

How to read a newspaper and make notes out of it?

Among all of the sources like news channels in the television, magazines, etc., for the current affairs for the preparation of competitive examinations, like the UPSC CSE, newspapers are one of the inevitable sources that have to be studied thoroughly. It helps in all the stages of the UPSC IAS exam, i.e., the Prelims, Mains and the Interview.

How to choose an optional for UPSC exam ?

As optional subject carries 25% weightage (500/2025 marks), scoring more in optional subject is the key to cracking UPSC Examination.  So it’s better to choose optional subject wisely and not to do hurry while choosing it.

How to Prepare NCERTs ?

NCERTs are a crucial aspect of Civil Services Preparation. They serve as a valuable source for facts and understanding. Being the most basic books and written in very simple language, lucid and neutral perspective makes NCERTs as the base for the entire preparation. Most importantly today’s era is flooded with vast information, contents and materials. Here NCERT Books will filter the excesses.

How to prepare GS?

Most of the aspirants remain elusive over preparation strategy for Civil Services Exam.

How to start the civil service preparation?

It is very important to know, how to start civil service preparation, first candidate should understand the process and preparation strategy for IAS exam.the exams.


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