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Is 1 year enough for IAS preparation?

Aspirants starting civil services preparation often find themselves in cold water, when it comes to prepartion strategy to ace this examination.  Aspirants find it difficult to identify the time frame in which they can clear this examination.  GS SCORE is providing, a suitable time table along with a plan of action to make aspirants' decision-making process easier, so that students can study and clear this examination through this process.

When should I start preparation for the civil services examination?

There is no fixed answer to question that; when should you start preparation of civil services examination?  Answer to this question will vary according to the person to person. This is very much person-specific question.

Is UPSC syllabus changed?

Generally, UPSC update the examination date and schedule at least 1 year before the examination.  So, make sure that as student you should have knowledge about what will be the procedure of the examination by visiting UPSC website.

How to prepare for civil services examination?

IAS Aspirants should formulate a well-set strategy comprising of the both flexible and rigid plan of action for the civil services examination. As of now, there is time for the examination. In this time, you can set the well-defined strategy that can do wonders in your preparation. Aspirants should identify their key subjects (stronger and weaker subjects) as what they needs to do and how they can cover these subjects in, limited frame of the time.

How to stay motivated during this tiring and rigorous examination process?

Civil services examination is tiring and regressive process. It requires candidates to punch above the belt in order to clear this examination. During this entire process, candidates should always remember that, why they started the preparation of IAS Examination.

When should one start preparation for Civil Services examinations?

Before asking this question that; when one should start preparation of Civil Services Examination, one should always keep in mind the vastness and lengthiness of the syllabus which require at least 1 year of fully dedicated preparation for clearing UPSC examination.

Why should I choose career as IAS?

Before taking this decision that why should you prepare for the civil services examination? It is very important that you should have genuine and strong reasons behind you for this purpose. Because, when things will not go well according to your plan of action then this strong believe will help you in not letting it quit.

Is coaching a must for Civil Service Preparation?

Answer of this question is yes and no, both.  Do you need coaching or not? It totally depends upon you and only you. We hear every single year that aspirants cracking IAS examination without getting any coaching. So, the question then arises is that; why some aspirants clear this prestigious exam without coaching and some can’t clear it all even after enrolling themselves in coaching?

I am still in the senior secondary and want to appear for Civil Services Exam in the future. What tips do you have for me?

“You never achieve success unless you like what you are doing.” ― Dale Carnegie

Above quote is very much in the line and applicable for all those civil service aspirants, who want to start preparation of upsc examination at very early stage.

How can Time Management improve my learning in the context of Civil Services Examination? Can you explain it scientifically?

Civil Service examination is very lengthy and time-consuming so time management is the most important component to ace UPSC Examination. Time management require concentrated approach towards your goal to clear IAS examination. There are multiple benefits of proper time management to clear UPSC CSE examination.  

What determines success in the Civil Services Exam?

Clearing UPSC Examination is based upon various parameters. For example, you may have heard that few toppers suggesting that he/ she has followed the strategy of going for reading and underlining the content of the book for the revision, on the other hand few other toppers suggesting that he/she has made their notes right from the beginning.

What role does academic background play in the civil service exam?

UPSC is great game leveler in terms of not prioritizing any particular stream or background student. But, selection of candidates in last 5 years is suggesting something else. Candidates are being selected in UPSC more or less from the technical background.  However, this is not true at all, People who gets selected in CSE IAS Examination are the one who has overcome many challenges like:


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