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How To Read Newspaper for IAS Exam

Civil Services Exam, conducted by the Union Public Service Commission for recruitment to higher Civil Services of the Government of India, is the most prestigious exam in India that is taken up by lakhs of aspirants from every part of India every year. The two main reasons behind this motivation is the penchant desire to join the elite class of bureaucracy and service of the nation.

Is It Necessary To Be A Good Scholar To Become IAS?

One of the most common myths while preparing for the Civil Services Examination is that only a good scholar or topper can clear the UPSC IAS Exam. Although being a topper helps to a certain extent, it does not guarantee success in any exam.

Revision Strategy for Civil Services Exam

The skills required to pass examinations are quite different from those required to excel in coursework-based study. Proper revision of lessons on a daily basis helps you to memorize the topics, facts and everything that you have studied during Civil Services Exam preparation.

Time management During Preparation of UPSC Exam

Time management is the most crucial part of UPSC civil services exam preparation. Making wise use of it will enable you to manage your studies and counter any stress or pressure that you might encounter during the course of this preparation.

Importance of Habit and Discipline In UPSC IAS Exam

The whole journey of UPSC IAS Preparation, from preparation to the declaration of merit list takes years (at least 2 years). During the journey, you might feel dedicated and may be lost or de motivated. You might face distractions, various ups and downs. However, few things must remain constant to win viz. ‘Positive Habits’ and ‘Discipline’.

Importance of Test Series in UPSC IAS Prelims Exam

The UPSC Prelims Exam is the first step towards your dream to clear the UPSC Civil Services Examination. Therefore, it is important to take this stage very seriously. With the UPSC Civil Services Prelims Examination getting more unpredictable and trickier over the past few years, only knowledge is not enough to clear this exam, it also needs the right strategy and lots of practice.

A Strong UPSC Foundation is Key to Success in Civil Services Exam

UPSC is a prestigious examination that requires a holistic preparation. The holistic preparation starts with the building of strong UPSC Foundation. UPSC Foundation should be strong enough so as to achieve the desired result in UPSC IAS Exam. The UPSC Foundation is created by doing the Basics. This examination not only tests the knowledge of a candidate but also the consistency, perseverance, capacity, and capability to face tough situations in life. The knowledge testing is done on the exam days but the humane qualities which are required to be good civil servant or a good human being are developed on daily basis. A solid UPSC Foundation helps throughout this preparation.

Civil Service as a Career

Civil services as a career have remained the beating hearts of thousands of young men and women across the country for a multitude of reasons. For some it is a passion to make it to the elite service to touch million lives and to some it offers job diversity and prestige. For some, it is a pompous show of power; and for the others, it is an instrument to bring in equity and equality by acting as champions for the underprivileged groups.

What is a good choice for an optional subject for UPSC?

Choosing a right optional subject for upsc has always been a dilemma for Civil Services aspirants. The recent changes made by the commission has reduced the number of optional subject for IAS from two to one, still the questions regarding the suitability of optional subject for upsc bothers most of the students.

How to prepare for UPSC Exam without coaching?

Civil Services Exam is considered as one of the most challenging and toughest exam in India. It is conducted by the Union Public Service Commission which is a central recruiting agency. Cracking the UPSC Civil Services Exam is an uphill task and hence a comprehensive strategy is most sought to crack this exam. The aspirants are supposed to possess traits like diligency, consistency, patience and to the point approach for success in this exam.

What are the NCERT books to be read for UPSC?

NCERT Books are holy grail for UPSC Exam Preparation. These books not only forms the foundation but they develop a perspective for Civil Services Exam. Be the prelims or mains or interview for all three stages NCERT books can not be skipped or left behind. The list of NCERT books are quite exhaustive but they are essential too for IAS Exam Preparation.

What are the best books for UPSC?

UPSC IAS is an exam that can’t be cleared without proper strategy and right and relevant study materials. The choice of wrong resources might jeopardize your chances of selection in IAS exam. There are plethora of best books and study material available in the market for UPSC Exam preparation but the there are still ambiguity over the details of right study material that gives you a surety of success in the Civil Services exam. Here we are suggesting Best books and resources that could be read for selection in UPSC IAS Exam.

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