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Data Story Compilation from 10 April to 09 May, 2022

  • Published
    21st Dec, 2022

Data and Numbers are of great significance for UPSC Examination. They substantiate arguments or opinions. Generalized statements without substantial data don't add any value to answers.
Under our 'Data Story' initiative, relevant data and numbers will be used to cover a series of static and current affairs topics through well-designed infographics. These key numbers are helpful for analytical-based Prelims questions and Mains preparation.

Following are the Topics for Data Stories:
  • Anaemia in India
  • Tobacco  in India
  • Persons with Disabilities (Divyangjan) in India
  • World Press Freedom index
  • Space Junk
  • Dolphin Census, 2022
  • Port Infrastructure in India
  • Women in Indian Parliament
  • Supercomputers
  • Services Sector in India
  • De-notified, Nomadic & Semi-Nomadic Communities
  • Noise Pollution
  • Cotton Crop
  • Prison Statistics in India
  • Death Penalty in India
  • Composite water management Index
  • Coastal Erosion
  • Species Threat Abatement & Restoration (STAR) score
  • Export Preparedness Index
  • Political Violence & demonstrations in 2021
  • Global Adult Tobacco Survey
  • Research & Development in India
  • Scheduled Castes in India
  • Internet shutdown in India
  • State of India’s soil

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