Current Analyst: (1 – 15) June, 2016

1.1 School choice debate in India
1.2 Draft National Framework water bill
1.3 Censor Board Controversy
1.4 Electoral reforms in india
1.6 Madras high court ruling for browbeating judges for impeding justice
1.7 Kerala all set to be open defecation-free by november- 1
1.8 Double dissolution’ in Australia; How it compares with the Indian experience?

2.1 India’s Bid For entry in MTCR and NSG
2.2 PM’S five nation tour
2.3 India, Japan, US to hold naval exercise
2.4 Cabinet recommends MoU between RBI and Central Bank of United Arab Emirates (UAE) on cooperation concerning Currency Swap Agreement
2.5 UN’s Permanent Court of Arbitration ruling in Italy marine case
2.6 India eyes Uranium from Africa

3.1 Issues in the MCLR regime
3.2 Solar power in India: issues and challenges
3.3 The draft Central Port Authorities Bill 2016
3.4 Google tax
3.5 Sebi Issues Stricter KYC, Disclosure Regime For P-Notes
3.6 Discrepancy in GDP data
3.7 Government policy for MSME
3.8 RBI issues new norms for bad loans management
3.9 India’s post payments bank get cabinet nod
3.10 Has LIC become the lender of last resort?
3.11 Centre may cut 5 in 5/20 Airline Rule
3.12 Government starts UBIN drive for budding entrepreneurs
3.13 India ranked 2nd on grd index on ease of doing business
3.14 Cyprus team to negotiate revisions in tax treaty
3.15 Reserve Bank of India, Government to Set up Joint Stressed Asset Fund

4.1 Baby Born in U.K. through new DNA method
4.2 Eropean space agency announces that the second exomars mission will be launched in 2020
4.3 Virtual heart tool to Predict Sudden Cardiac death risk
4.4 Food in india untested for diabetes-linked chemical (ALLOXAN)
4.5 Western Ghats under threat
4.6 Karnataka government puts state on alert for bird flu
4.7 Exotic heat-resistant gel: a Spinoff from ISRO
4.8 A Sweet Option to Fix Broken Bones
4.9 Malware Infection Index – 2016
4.10 Scientist identified a process to remove DNA molecules from x-Files

5.1 Should Culling of animals be allowed
5.2 GM Seeds in India
5.3 Urban heat island: problems and solution
5.4 Arctic regions getting greener due to climate change
5.5 Western Ghats under threat
5.6 Guwahati declares Gangetic River Dolphin as its ‘City Animal’
5.7 Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, A 3rd of the coral killed due to Bleaching
5.8 Gangotri Glacier Retreated by 3K.M. in Two Centuries

6.1 Issue of open defecation in India
6.2 Attack on African student
6.3 Largest share of non-workers among Muslims
6.4 Govt comes with draft bill on passive euthanasia: rights of terminally ill
6.5 Gujarat Government issued minority status to the Jain Community

7.1 Fake currency Problem in India
7.2 Army Chief Ordered a high-level study to determine and recommend measures to improve tooth-to-tail ratio of Army
7.3 Indian Navy launches the state of the harbor defence system, viz, integrated underwater harbor defence and surveillance system
7.4 Exercise Eagle II concluded
7.5 India become co-chair of working group on maritime security awareness under (CGPCS)

8.1 PM releases Country’s first National Disaster Management Plan