Current Analyst: (16 – 30) Apr, 2016

1.1 Understaffed judiciary
1.2 Aadhar bill controversy
1.3 AgustaWestland Deal Scam
1.4 Public Affairs Index (PAi) For State Governance Rankings
1.5 Road transport and safety Bill 2014
1.6 New Delhi Ranks 44 out of 50 in Future Ready Cities around the Globe
1.7 Centre issues notification for protection of Good Samaritans
1.8 Parliament Passes Bill for States Control over Potable Alcohol Production
1.9 Shyam Benegal committee submits recommendations on film certification
2.1 Do India Require Chief of Defence Staff Post?
2.2 Government to set up Sex offenders Registry
2.3 NAYAL detachment set up at Lakshadweep
3.1 Should CRR be Abolished?
3.2 Exports Shrink by 16% In 2015-16
3.3 Proposed Workers Bank
3.4 Union Government Incraeses Minimum Wage of Contractual Labourers
3.5 Do we need consolidation in Indian banking sector?
3.6 India’s first small finance bank launched
3.7 Bharat beats India in household consumption
3.8 FDI inflows hit record $51 in April-Feb last fiscal
3.9 (RCEP) Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership
3.10 High Speed Rail Debate
3.11 Bankruptcy Code
3.12 UDAY bonds fetch Rs.99,000 crore
3.13 RBI to bring P2P lending under regulation soon
3.14 Food Act implemented without proper preparation: CAG
3.15 India Chile Preferential Trade Agreement
4.1 IPR issue
4.2 Telcos may go intranet to bypass TRAI’s order
4.3 Delhi HC strikes down breast cancer biosimilars approval for Roche drug
4.4 IRNSS 1G Satellite launched
4.5 Hubble spots ice moon orbiting dwarf planet
4.6 ISRO’s New Light-As-Air Gel Can Keep Indian Soldiers Warm in Siachen Snow
4.7 China creates world’s first graphene electronic paper
5.1 Cabinet nod to amend Afforestation Fund Bill
5.2 Interlinking of rivers
5.3 Polluters Pay Principle
5.4 UJALA Scheme
5.5 March temperature smashes 100 year global record
5.6 Rising heat linked to more coral reef bleaching
5.7 Primate species new to India discovered in Arunachal Pradesh
5.8 Melting of Greenland ice sheet reaches new low
6.1 The reforms in Muslim laws for women
6.2 Will alcohol ban in Bihar help?
6.3 Debate on Entry of women to religious places
6.4 In a step towards gender equality navy grants permanent commission to women
6.5 Housing for all
6.6 Consumer protection Bill, 2015 : report by Parliamentary Panel
7.1 Buddhist Inscription Found In The Gadag District:
7.2 Kohinoor issue

8.1 Heat wave
8.2 Fire in Natural History Museum