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Nachiket Mor Committee

The “Committee on Comprehensive Financial Services for Small Businesses and Low Income Households” was set up by the RBI under the chairmanship of Nachiket Mor. 

In its final report, the Committee has outlined six vision statements for full financial inclusion and financial deepening in India:

1.Universal Electronic Bank Account (UEBA): Each Indian resident, above the age of eighteen years, would have an individual, full-service, safe, and secure electronic bank account.

2.Ubiquitous Access to Payment Services and Deposit Products at Reasonable Charges: The Committee envisions that every resident in India would be within a fifteen minute walking distance of a payment access point.

3.Sufficient Access to Affordable Formal Credit: Each low-income household and small-business would have access to a formally regulated lender that is capable of assessing and meeting their credit needs. Such a lender must also be able to offer them a full-range of suitable credit products at an affordable price.

4.Universal Access to a Range of Deposit and Investment Products at Reasonable Charges: Each low-income household and small-business would have access to providers that can offer them suitable investment and deposit products. Such services must be available to them at reasonable charges.

5.Universal Access to a Range of Insurance and Risk Management Products at Reasonable Charges: Each low-income household and small business would have access to providers that have the ability to offer them suitable insurance and risk management products. These products must at minimum allow them to manage risks related to: (a) commodity price movements; (b) longevity, disability, and death of human beings; (c) death of livestock; (d) rainfall; and (e) damage to property.

6.Right to Suitability: Each low-income household and small-business would have a legally protected right to be offered only suitable financial services. She will have the right to seek legal redress if she feels that due process to establish Suitability was not followed or that there was gross negligence.

The key recommendations are:

• Providing a universal bank account to all Indians above the age of 18 years by January 1, 2016. To achieve this, a vertically differentiated banking system with payments banks for deposits and payments and wholesale banks for credit outreach. These banks need to have Rs.50 crore by way of capital, which is a tenth of what is applicable for new banks that are to be licensed. 

• Aadhaar will be the prime driver towards rapid expansion in the number of bank accounts. 

• Monitoring at the district lecvel such as deposits and advances as a percentage of gross domestic product (GDP). 

• Adjusted 50 per cent priority sector lending target with adjustments for sectors and regions based on difficulty in lending.