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GS Mains Test Series 2018
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Everything for Prelims 2017 (Free for All)

The pattern of prelims question seems to be easy in optional format with two/three statements related to one topic, but usually these statements are quite confusing and aspirant end in ticking the wrong code due to confusion.

The preparation of Prelims requires thorough knowledge related to concepts as well as other multilateral dimensions linked to the topic.

It is nearly few months to Prelims but the broad dimension of topics that is need o be covered under it makes it a tough exercise, especially after becoming of CSAT as mere qualifying.

Thus, we are coming up with a new programme “Prepare for Prelims in 100 days”.

Salient features of the programme are:

  1. It will help aspirant in conceptual clarity on basic subjects. It will cover:
    • Geography – geomorphology, climatology, oceanography, Indian geography, biogeography, economic and human geography.
    • Polity – complete Constitution Article wise, government institutions (statutory, quasi-judicial, etc), governance part related to E-gov, RTI, Citizen Charter, etc.
    • History – complete Ancient, Medieval, Modern History and Indian Culture
    • Economy – complete basic concepts under different heads.
    • Socio-economic development - Government schemes related to vulnerable sector, health, education, poverty, etc.
    • Science – Both General science as well as Science and Technology with latest updates.
    • Environment – basics related to Ecology and Environment, Environmental issues as pollution, waste management, etc.
  2. It will cover India Year Book, Economic Survey and Budget 2017.
  3. It will cover 300 Trending Topics (apart from the subjects) which are important for Prelims examination.
  4. Practice Tests in different subjects along with CSAT will be provided.

This will be a complete package that will help aspirant in preparing for Prelims STEP by STEP.

Start Date: 1st February 2017

All the Best

Days Subject 1
Subject 2
Trending Topics Practice Tests
Day 1
1 Feb, 17Download PDF
Geomorphology Basic Theories/Interior of Earth/Rocks Basic Concepts Constitution and its types/constitutional development
Day 2
2 Feb, 17Download PDF
Endogenic Forces/Earthquakes and Volcanoes Types of Political system/Government/Elections
Day 3
3 Feb, 17Download PDF
Mountains/Plains/Plateau Salient features/Sources of Constitution
Day 4
4 Feb, 17Download PDF
Weathering/Erosion Preamble and Values in constitution
Day 5
5 Feb, 17Download PDF
Landforms (erosional and depositional) Union and its territory/Citizenship
Day 6
6 Feb, 17Download PDF
Climatology Atmospheric Composition/Basic Concepts Rights and Duties Basic fundamental Rights/Rights for Citizens and Aliens/Martial laws
Day 7
7 Feb, 17Download PDF
Insolation/Temperature Rights related to Women, Children, Old Age
Day 8
8 Feb, 17Download PDF
Atmospheric Circulation/Winds Rights related to SC/ST/Minorities
Day 9
9 Feb, 17Download PDF
Precipitation/Clouds Rights related to Environment/Religion
Day 10
10 Feb, 17Download PDF
Jet Streams/Air Mass/Fronts Writs/Terms related to Doctrines
Day 11
11 Feb, 17Download PDF
Climatic Zones DPSP/Fundamental Duties
Day 12
12 Feb, 17Download PDF
Oceanography Ocean Topography/Salinity/Temperature Union and State Executive President Functions/Governor Functions
Day 13
13 Feb, 17Download PDF
Currents/Importance of Ocean Council of Minister/Prime Minister/Other Executive
Day 14
14 Feb, 17Download PDF
Biogeography Soil Forming/Soil Profile/Soil Types Centre and State Relations Administrative/Legislative/Financial Relations
Day 15
15 Feb, 17Download PDF
Indian Physical Geography Himalaya/Plain and Plateaus/Coastal Plain and Islands Union and State Legislature Union Legislature/State Legislature
Day 16
16 Feb, 17Download PDF
Climate of India/Climatic Division Region-wise Parliamentary functioning/Passage of Bill/Budgeting
Day 17
17 Feb, 17Download PDF
Human Geography Human Settlement/Population terms/Census 2011 Judiciary Supreme Court/High Court/District Court
Day 18
18 Feb, 17Download PDF
Urbanization-Migration Judiciary terms
Day 19
19 Feb, 17Download PDF
Economic Geography (India) water-forest-land Other Constitutional Provisions Local-Government-Urban-Government
Day 20
20 Feb, 17Download PDF
Agriculture-Geo Emergency
Day 21
21 Feb, 17Download PDF
Agriculture Schemes Union Territories Provisions Issues
Day 22
22 Feb, 17Download PDF
Livestock Resources/Fisheries Constitutional Amendment Provisions
Day 23
23 Feb, 17Download PDF
Mineral resource Political Parties/ Electoral system
Day 24
24 Feb, 17Download PDF
Energy Resource Schedule and Tribal Areas
Day 25
25 Feb, 17Download PDF
Industry Administrative Tribunals
Day 26
26 Feb, 17Download PDF
Transport Special Provisions in the Constitution
Day 27
27 Feb, 17Download PDF
World Regional geography Asia Governing Institutions Introduction/Institution for Cooperative Federalism
Day 28
28 Feb, 17Download PDF
Europe Constitutional Bodies
Day 29
1 Mar, 17Download PDF
Africa Related to Social Welfare
Day 30
2 Mar, 17Download PDF
Australia/Oceania Regulatory Bodies
Day 31
3 Mar, 17Download PDF
North America Related to maintaining Transparency
Day 32
4 Mar, 17Download PDF
South America Related to Health/Education
Day 33
5 Mar, 17Download PDF
Disaster Disaster management Administrative Reforms Civil Reform/Police Reform
Day 34
6 Mar, 17Download PDF
Facts Universe Governance Citizen Charter/E-Governance/RTI
Day 35
7 Mar, 17Download PDF
Other Geographical facts Central secretariat
Days Subject 3
Subject 4
(Economic survey and Budget)
Trending Topics Practice Tests
Day 36
8 Mar, 17Download PDF
Basic Concepts Basic concepts of Macroeconomics/Classification Economic Survey Economic Survey chapters
Day 37
9 Mar, 17Download PDF
National Income Calculation / Other Concepts related to National Income Economic Survey chapters
Day 38
10 Mar, 17Download PDF
Money / Inflation Economic Survey chapters
Day 39
11 Mar, 17Download PDF
Banking Types of banks/Classification of banks Economic Survey chapters
Day 40
12 Mar, 17Download PDF
Terms associated with Banking/ Banking Sector Reforms Economic Survey chapters
Day 41
13 Mar, 17Download PDF
Indian Financial Market Money Market/Capital Market/Insurance Economic Survey chapters
Day 42
14 Mar, 17Download PDF
Budgeting Types of budget/Budgeting terms/Deficits Budget Budget 2017
Day 43
15 Mar, 17Download PDF
Fiscal Policy Fiscal Policy - Revenue Economic Survey Economic Survey chapters
Day 44
16 Mar, 17Download PDF
Subsidies Economic Survey chapters
Day 45
17 Mar, 17Download PDF
Planning Planning in India/ 5 Year Plans/Niti Aayog Economic Survey chapters
Day 46
18 Mar, 17Download PDF
Generation of Economic Reforms Economic Survey chapters
Day 47
19 Mar, 17Download PDF
Open Economy External Sector Economic Survey chapters
Day 48
20 Mar, 17Download PDF
International Organizations Economic Survey chapters
Day 49
21 Mar, 17Download PDF
Trade Agreements Economic Survey chapters
Days Subject 5
Subject 6
Trending Topics Practice Tests
Day 50
22 Mar, 17Download PDF
Ecology and Ecosystem Ecosystem and its components/Ecosystem functions/Ecological pyramids Ancient History Pre-Historic India
Day 51
23 Mar, 17Download PDF
Ecology and its principles/ Ecological succession Indus Valley Civilsation sites/Harrapan Culture
Day 52
24 Mar, 17Download PDF
Adaptation/ Interaction between species Early Vedic Age/Later Vedic age/Vedic Literature
Day 53
25 Mar, 17Download PDF
Ecotone/Energy Flow Mahajanpadas
Day 54
26 Mar, 17Download PDF
Terrestrial Ecosystem/Aquatic Ecosystem Magadha Empire/Society
Day 55
27 Mar, 17Download PDF
Population ecology Jainism and Buddhism
Day 56
28 Mar, 17Download PDF
Biogeochemical cycles Carbon Cycle/Oxygen Cycle/Phosphor cycle Persian and Alexander
Day 57
29 Mar, 17Download PDF
Nitrogen cycle/ Sulphur cycle/ Water cycle Mauryan Empire/Administration/Economy
Day 58
30 Mar, 17Download PDF
Biodiversity Biodiversity types/Functions Mauryan Art and Culture
Day 59
31 Mar, 17Download PDF
Threat to Biodiversity/Biodiversity Conservation Post-Mauryan Empire – Sungas/Satvahans/Foreign Invasion
Day 60
1 Apr, 17Download PDF
Types of species/Extinction of species/IUCN Red list Post-Mauryan Culture and Art
Day 61
2 Apr, 17Download PDF
Conventions related to Biodiversity conservation Gupta Age Empire - Administration
Day 62
3 Apr, 17Download PDF
Estuaries/Mangroves/Coral Polyps Gupta Age Art and Culture/ Post Gupta Period
Day 63
4 Apr, 17Download PDF
Natural Resource Degradation Land degradation/Soil erosion/Deforestation The Vardhanas
Day 64
5 Apr, 17Download PDF
Surface and Groundwater degradation Major Dynasties of North India/ Feudalism
Day 65
6 Apr, 17Download PDF
Solid waste management/E-waste management / Treatment Methods for waste Management South India Kingdom Sangam age
Day 66
7 Apr, 17Download PDF
Climate Change Basics of Climate change Pallavas/Chalukyas /Cholas
Day 67
8 Apr, 17Download PDF
Conventions related to Climate Change management Rastrakutas and other South Indian Kingdoms
Day 68
9 Apr, 17Download PDF
Environmental Governance Environmental institutions/Environmental Legislations Medieval History Early Muslim Invasion /Delhi Sultanate – Administration
Day 69
10 Apr, 17Download PDF
Steps for Environmental conservation Delhi Sultanate – Art and Culture
Days Subject 7
Continued.. Continued.. Continued..
Day 70
11 Apr, 17Download PDF
S&T Policy and Institutions Policies after independence Sufi And Bhakti Movement
Day 71
12 Apr, 17Download PDF
Awards/Schemes for human resource development Vijayanagar / Other Regional States
Day 72
13 Apr, 17Download PDF
Space Space Organizations/ Terminology Mughal Empire - Part 1 / Part 2 / Mughal Art
Day 73
14 Apr, 17Download PDF
Types of Satellites/Indian Space Programme Regional Powers / Marathas / Society in 18th Century
Day 74
15 Apr, 17Download PDF
Recent & Future Space Missions Modern History Advent of the Europeans/British East India Company /2nd Phase of British East India Company
Day 75
16 Apr, 17Download PDF
IT and Computer Mobile Generation Administration before 1857 / Economic Policies
Day 76
17 Apr, 17Download PDF
Communication Technology Social and Religious Movements/Tribal and Peasant Movement
Day 77
18 Apr, 17Download PDF
Computer Terminology/Super Computer 1857 Revolt/Evolution of Education of Press / Administration before 1857
Day 78
19 Apr, 17Download PDF
Government Initiatives in IT Sector Indian National Movement Rise of Nationalism/Indian National Congress (INC)
Day 79
20 Apr, 17Download PDF
Nanotechnology Nano & its Applications/ Govt. Initiative Terrorist and Revolutionary Movements
Day 80
21 Apr, 17Download PDF
Robotics Terminology related/Applications to Robotics The Early Phase of the Freedom Struggle (1900-1915)
Day 81
22 Apr, 17Download PDF
Defence Missile System/Classification Middle Phase of the Freedom Struggle (1915-1930)
Day 82
23 Apr, 17Download PDF
IGMDP/UAVs /Submarines Closer to Freedom (1930-1947)
Day 83
24 Apr, 17Download PDF
Latest & International Collaboration Constitutional Developments
Day 84
25 Apr, 17Download PDF
Biotechnology Terminology Biotech Viceroys and Governor
Day 85
26 Apr, 17Download PDF
Applications Important Personalities
Day 86
27 Apr, 17Download PDF
Latest Updates in Biotech sector Culture Dance/Music/Drama
Day 87
28 Apr, 17Download PDF
Nuclear Technology Nuclear Technology/Institutions Pottery/Puppets/Paintings
Day 88
29 Apr, 17Download PDF
Radiation Application Governing Institutions related to culture
Day 89
30 Apr, 17Download PDF
Health Diseases/Types of vaccines/Latest updates Miscellaneous Terms related to Culture
Days Subject 8
(Socio-economic development)
Subject 9 (India Year Book) Trending Topics Practice Tests
Day 90
1 May, 17Download PDF
Human Development Indexes Two Chapters daily
Day 91
2 May, 17Download PDF
Terms and Schemes Poverty/ Unemployment Two Chapters daily
Day 92
3 May, 17Download PDF
Financial Inclusion/SHG/Civil Society Two Chapters daily
Day 93
4 May, 17Download PDF
Health/Education Two Chapters daily
Day 94
5 May, 17Download PDF
Vulnerable Section Women/Children/ Youth Two Chapters daily
Day 95
6 May, 17Download PDF
SC/ST Two Chapters daily
Day 96
7 May, 17Download PDF
Minorities Two Chapters daily
Day 97
8 May, 17Download PDF
Urban and Rural development Two Chapters daily
Days Subject 10
(General Science)
Continued.. Continued.. Continued..
Day 98
9 May, 17Download PDF
Topics on General Science from Previous Year Papers General Science Part 1 Two Chapters daily
Day 99
10 May, 17Download PDF
General Science Part 2 Two Chapters daily
Day 100
11 May, 17Download PDF
General Science Part 3 Two Chapters daily