IAS Prelims 2019: All India Mock Test (OMR Based)
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IAS Prelims Study Material & Test Series

Target PT 2018 Classes

Complete Revision through MCQs


It is an innovative programme designed to provide complete Prelims preparation module under single platform covering

Concept Classes + Topic-wise Practice Tests with Detailed Discussion + Prelims Current Affairs + Prelims Study Material

Batch Starts: 25th Feb, 2018 (Classroom & Live/Online)

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Target PT 2018 Resources (Open to All)

The preparation of Prelims requires thorough knowledge related to concepts as well as other multilateral dimensions linked to the topic.

Thus the Page “TARGET PT 2018” has been designed to cover the conceptual as well as Practice tests.

It covers:

  • Revision Notes on the following subjects:
    • Geography - geomorphology, climatology, oceanography, Indian geography, biogeography, economic and human geography.
    • Polity - complete Constitution Article wise, government institutions (statutory, quasi-judicial, etc), governance part related to E-gov, RTI, Citizen Charter, etc.
    • History - complete Ancient, Medieval, Modern History and Indian Culture
    • Economy - complete basic concepts under different heads.
    • Socio-economic development - Government schemes related to vulnerable sector, health, education, poverty, etc.
    • Science - Both General science as well as Science and Technology with latest updates.
    • Environment - basics related to Ecology and Environment, Environmental issues as pollution, waste management, etc.
  • It covers Trending Topics (apart from the subjects) with related MCQs which are important for Prelims examination. These topics have been chosen from current news, Previous year papers and sub-topics not directly mentioned in the syllabus
  • Practice Tests in different subjects along with CSAT will be provided. There will be around 7000+ Practice questions.
  • It will also cover India Year Book, Economic Survey and Budget 2018 (when released).
PT Test Series 2018 (Batch - 2): 7th Jan, 2018
GS Score PT Test Series 2018 with 27 Tests & 13 Revision classes will start from 7th Jan, 2018.
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Trending Topics