Hybrid Vacuum Toilets

Hybrid Vacuum Toilets

Indian Railway come up with the development of new Toilets that combines the advantages of Vacuum toilets and those of Biotoilets to create a new design of “Hybrid Vacuum Toilet”.

A prototype of the new hybrid vacuum toilet has been made that comprises a modified vacuum toilet that is used in aircraft and a biodigester tank, which converts the excreta into water and gas with the help of anaerobic bacteria. The filth will get reduced and the dumping of solid waste on the tracks, a practice that has faced criticism for all sectors, will also stop.

How it works:
• A water pressurising unit is attached with the fresh water tank above the toilet pot. This unit passes the water through spray nozzles into the pot.
• An vacuum-creating ejector sucks out the waste from the pot to the bio-digester tank.
• A push button and a control unit is in place for the flush switch on the wall of the toilet.

This initiative aims at conserving water and reducing its waste. An average bio-toilet, which are commonly found in trains, use 10 to 15 litres of water per flush. The vacuum toilet, on the other hand, consumes around 500 ml of water per flush. This step will certainly take the Indian Railways closer to being at par with those in foreign countries.

The following diagram shows how the prototype will work: