Action Plan for Biomass Management for GS Main Paper

Air quality in Delhi and National Capital Region (NCR) has been a prime concern for its severe health impact on general public, especially the children and senior citizens. Over past couple of years, there have been episodic incidents of air quality dipping to alarming levels across Delhi-NCR. The farm burning, specific to the paddy-wheat cultivation cycle in the rural regions of Northern and North-Westerns states of India, has been identified as a major source of air pollution. It not only affects the air-quality in rural areas but also causes an episodic rise in air-pollution during October and November in Delhi-NCR.

Hence NITI Aayog task force on biomass management has designed an Action Plan for Biomass Management. Hereby, providing the gist of it.


1.    Introduction
2.    Recommended Action Plan
3.    In-situ Methods for Treatment
4.    Ex-situ Methods for Treatment
5.    Recommendations of the Task Force
6.    Governance Mechanism for Implementation