Compilation of Illustrations & Case Studies From YOJANA

Compilation of Illustrations and Case Studies From YOJANA


In the MAINS ANSWER WRITING – Right Interpretation, Articulation and Objectivity are the three basic pillars.

Right interpretation clears the direction related to the dimensions required.
Right articulation helps in maintaining the flow.
Right objectivity brings clarity in the thoughts of the reader. To bring objectivity in the answer proper justification of points with the help of correct illustrations, examples and case studies are required.

A good answer cannot be an effective without illustrations and examples. Candidates are required or are expected to substantiate their answer wherever it is possible.

Hereby, compiling the illustrations, case studies and examples from YOJANA MAGAZINE.

Why Yojana?

Yojana is a monthly magazine devoted to socio-economic issues. Every year 4-5 questions are being asked from Yojana related to government programmes and policies, initiatives and social issues. Yojana gives different shades of opinion and views on any issue and thereby presents a balanced picture.

The topics covered are:

1. Disaster Management
2. Less Cash Money
3. Empowering Youth
4. Labour Force
5. New India Initiatives
6. Climate Change and Sustainability
7. Differently Abled
8. Education
9. Health
10. Sanitation
11. Skill Development
12.Women Empowerment

The compilation is topic-wise thus may help student in enrichment of the Mains Answer.