Global Slavery Index Report

Slavery is abhorrent, more rampant than at any time in history, and entirely avoidable. Unlike major world epidemics such as malaria and HIV/AIDS, slavery is a human condition of our own making. While that in itself is a tragedy, it also means that we have the power to end it. And end slavery we must; we cannot allow future generations to fall prey to this hideous practice. Improving the rights of 45.8 million human beings is both wise and urgent for all leaders of countries and organisations. Eradicating slavery makes sense, morally, politically, logically and economically.

Hereby providing the gist of the Global Slavery Index, present scenario and recommendation with respect to India.


1.  Introduction
About Global Slavery Index
Global findings
What factors explain or predict the prevalence of modern slavery?
5.  Slavery in India
6.  Recommendations