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Aadhar and Its Benefits

Aadhar and Its Benefits

It is a 12 digit individual identification number issued by UIDAI (Unique identification authority of India) on behalf of Government of India It will serve as identity and address proof anywhere in India. It is available in 2 forms, physical and electronic form i.e. (e-Aadhaar). Any resident (a person who has resided in India for 182 days, in the one year preceding the date of application for enrollment for Aadhaar) of India irrespective of age, sex, class can avail it. The UID authority will authenticate the Aadhaar number of an individual, if an entity makes such a request. A requesting entity (an agency or person that wants to authenticate information of a person) has to obtain the consent of an individual before collecting his information. Benefits of Aadhar A. Individual: Easy hassle free access to services (banking, LPG, phone number, etc). Migrants: Provides identification to large number of migrant labors to avail services. Financial inclusion: The identification enables easy opening of bank account leading to financial inclusion of rural folks and ease of operations for banks through Banking Correspondent. B. Administrative: Online cost effective verification of beneficiaries leads to Good Governance (minimum government maximum Governance). Unique and robust platform to check duplication and ghost cards. Subsidy costs can be hugely reduced by cutting down intermediaries and eliminating ghost cards. C. Reduction in fake identity: As only one identity card is provided to a person (linked to individual biometrics), there is incentive to be genuine.

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