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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is a live direct view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented (or supplemented) by computer-generated 3D models, animations, videos etc. The technology enhances users current perception of reality. Augmentation is in real time and the information is overlaid on the live view of the devices camera. Essentially, AR requires three elements: Android device with back camera, AR application, AR Markers. Augmented Reality 3D viewers, like Augment, allow users to place life-size 3D models in environment with or without the use of trackers. Trackers are simple images that 3D models can be attached to in Augmented Reality. Augmented Reality browsersenrich camera display with contextual information. For example, one can point smartphone at a building to display its history or estimated value. The last way that Augmented Reality is generally experienced is throughgaming, creating immersive gaming experiences that utilize your actual surroundings. Imagine shooting games with zombies walking in your own bedroom! The biggest use of Augmented Reality gaming to-date is Pokmon Go, allowing users to catch virtual Pokmon who are hidden throughout a map of the real world. SAKAAR APP of ISRO Sakaaris Indian Space Research Organisations (ISRO) Augmented Reality (AR) application designed for Andriod devices. This AR application shows live camera view on your device to represent physical world and virtual objects/video clips are superimposed on live camera view upon pointing the devices camera at a Trigger Card. The combined view of camera and virtual object(s) appear to be tightly coupled on your devices screen. The virtual objects can consist of 3D models, videos and anaglyph images. Sakaar consists of 3D models of MOM, RISAT, rockets (PSLV, GSLV Mk-III); videos of INSAT 3D-predicting cyclones, GSLV D5/Cryo, Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) orbit insertion, launch video of MOM, 360 degree animated view of MOM; Anaglyph of Mars surface.

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