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Pelargonic Acid Vanillyl Amide

Pelargonic Acid Vanillyl Amide

Pelargonic Acid Vanillyl Amide (also called Nonivamide), an organic compound found in natural chili pepper. It is like capsaicin a natural capsaicinoid from chili peppers and commonly used in food additives to create a hot sensation, even in self-defense pepper sprays and as an alternative to capsaicin in medical products for topical treatment of pain. When fired, PAVA shells burst and temporarily stun, immobilise and paralyse the target in a more effective way than a tear gas shell or pepper sprays, and also can be used in combination with stun and tear shells. PAVA spray is dispensed from a hand-held canister in a liquid stream. The propellant is nitrogen Maximum accuracy, however, will be achieved over a distance of 1.25 - 2 metres. PAVA primarily affects the eyes causing closure and severe pain. It has been recommended by the T.V.S.N. Prasad Committee for replacing Pellet guns.

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