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Mains Sampoorna: Economy Contemporary Issues

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Published: 10th Jun, 2022

Mains Sampoorna: Economy Contemporary Issues

Like always, in UPSC Mains 2022, around 4-5 questions are expected to be asked from Economy in GS Paper 3 by UPSC. These questions are of the most basic nature and no such thing which is beyond syllabus or out of reach of an average candidate's understanding has been ever asked. UPSC basically wants to judge fundamental knowledge and perception about the topics of importance in Economics.

The 'Economy Contemporary Issues' is one such document under GS SCORE's 'Mains Sampoorna' Series for UPSC Mains 2022. This will help candidates to have a better understanding of the most important topic that may be asked by the UPSC in Mains 2022. The topics from different parts of the economy syllabus such as Government schemes, development, bank regulations, fiscal initiatives, globalization, external economy and its impact on India, agriculture, food security etc. have been covered comprehensively. Each and every topic is discussed with the point of view of a basic understanding and multidimensional analysis of the topic. The document will prove to be of great help to aspirants who struggle with questions such as 'How to choose important topics in Economy', 'How to study economic topics for Mains', 'How to write Mains answers' etc. This is a one-stop solution to all such kinds of questions and will help in writing UPSC Mains 2022 with ease and confidence.

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