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IAS Mains 2022: Last Minute Reflective Questions

  • Published
    9th Sep, 2022

With not much time left for UPSC Mains 2022 examination, aspirants are in a hurry. They are completely submerged into preparation for the next step. But, in this hurry, they are neglecting - Reflection of whatever they read and spontaneity to use it in the right way.

To enhance your spontaneity and quick thinking skills, and with hope that it will further aid in multidimensional analysis in the real-time examination, GS SCORE, have conceptualized a list of questions for last minute, i.e. Reflective Exercise for Mains 2022.

It will cover 150+ contemporary issues through questions, where you have to read and recollect the things. It is a critical thinking exercise rather than an answer writing or test series. It will focus on:

  1. Making aspirants understand the demand of UPSC Question
  2. How to quickly find the required points
  3. How to briefly deliver your thoughts
  4. How to use the time as weapon in Mains examination
  5. Approach required in the question
  6. Which areas are required to be touched?

It is our earnest hope that we act as catalysts in your journey to success.

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