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IAS Prelims 2024: Current Affairs Revision Classes

Batch Started: 22nd April

2:00 PM to 5:00 PM


The Current Affairs section plays an essential role in the UPSC Civil Services Examination. It is by far the most important aspect of General Studies Paper I of the UPSC Prelims Examination. To master the current affairs section, we at GS SCORE are launching Prelims Sampoorna 2024 Current Affairs Classes. The classes will integrate concepts and a range of information that are crucial for the UPSC Prelims Examination.

Session-1: Introductory Session (Approach for Current Affairs)
    • Classroom and Online Program for Complete Revision of Current Affairs for UPSC Prelims 2024.
    • Complete coverage of 2+ years of Current Affairs for Prelims through Daily Classes and Tests.
    • More than 800 Highly Relevant Topics are covered.
    • 23 Classes and Daily Tests on Current Affairs, including:
      • 19 Subject-specific Current Affairs Classes and Tests
      • 3 Classes & Tests on India Year Book, Economic Survey 2023–24, & Budget 2024–25
      • Special Coverage on Mapping
    • Doubt-Clearing Session & Mentorship
    • The sources to be covered are newspapers, PIB, Economic Survey 2023–24, Budget 2024–25, Down to Earth, Yojana, Kurukshetra, etc.
    • Compact Study Material (PDF)


    Current Affairs for the Civil Services Examination is an area that is by far the most important aspect of the GS papers and also perhaps the most difficult area to master. Important because a good number of questions, whether they are in the prelims or the mains, draw their inspiration from what is happening in the contemporary context, and it is difficult because of its vastness and difficulty in identifying what is important and what is not. In the process of preparation for current affairs, the most crucial thing is the listing of topics and the ability to comprehend facts in order to utilize them efficiently in the examination. This is the most important aspect of studying current affairs. Our approach is to cover more than 800 Topics through TestClass and Study Material support.

    It integrates concepts and a range of information, as the combination of both is crucial for preliminary examination in the changing scenario. In this Program, we will also cover the Economic Survey and Budget along with current affairs tests.

    The outcome of the Program

    • Performance Improvement: This special course would boost the exam and chances of selection by providing complete coverage of current affairs.
    • Assessment: Through regular tests and monitoring, the course will help students assess their knowledge and scope of improvement.
    • Conceptual Clarity: Students would not only learn about current affairs, but they would also develop perspective and conceptual understanding of the subjects.
    • Effective Organization & Utilization: The course would help you organize your knowledge effectively and further utilize it in all spheres.

    Note: The discounted fee for GS SCORE Old Students is Rs. 3,000/- (+GST) instead of Rs. 4,000/- (+GST). To avail of your discount contact: 8448496262

Course Fee

₹ 4000/-

online Fee

₹ 4000

Online Fee

Session Plan


Online Classes

    • To enroll, students have to register on the website using Registration Form Go, Google Login, or Facebook Login.
    • If you have already registered, log in with the username and password you used for registration.
    • Account for Online Classes will be activated within one working day of Enrollment or before batch Starts.
    • Classes will be conducted online as per the class schedule.
    • Study material will be provided as a soft copy.
    • Soft copy notes will be uploaded to your account in PDF format.
    Prelims Test Series
    • The test schedule will be given in advance. The test will be activated on the scheduled date.
    • Once a test is activated, you can write it at a time that is convenient for you (Flexible Test Timings).
    • Tests will be submitted once you click the submit button or it cross the time limit.
    • After submission of the test, you will get your score and the All India Ranking.
    • Detailed model answers will be provided.

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