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Mains Sampoorna: An Innovative Approach of Essay Writing for UPSC

  • Published
    9th Jun, 2022

While preparing for the UPSC examination, most candidates make the mistake of preparing and practicing the essay by keeping it to the last minute. In doing so they do not focus much on essay writing and tend to lose marks and even miss the UPSC final list. This document is prepared to remove fear from the candidate's mind regarding essay writing and make them comfortable with the technicalities of the essay.

The given document on 'An Innovative Approach of Essay Writing for UPSC' under the Mains Sampoorna, comprises a unique understanding and approach to essay writing. This encompasses a brief overview of the essay and a step-by-step guide on analyzing and writing an essay. Some of the primary key terms that are often used while discussing essays, such as context, critical thinking, and perspective, are also discussed in the such as context, critical thinking, and perspective are also discussed along with the suitable examples in this document. Including the discussion of various parts of the essay and its key terms, the Model Hints of UPSC 2021 are also provided. This will help aspirants in understanding essay writing in an easier way and guide them towards getting good marks in UPSC Main Examination.


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