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What are the Common Errors While Writing an Essay

Students often get confused upon a single question How to write a good answer in Mains exam that is free of errors and presentable too. The question becomes more significant especially in the scenario when good marks in IAS Mains Exam is hard to get. Mains examination questions check the subjectivity of the knowledge regarding the topic by demanding the analytical approach, turns and twist attached to most of the questions in the form of analytical instructions i.e. Critical analysis, Discuss, Evaluate, Explain, Analyze etc.


How To Write Introduction for an Essay In IAS Exam

While writing, we introduce our thoughts on the particular theme or topic in the Introduction. It also helps in setting the context for the essay in which we analyze the dimensions critically and write them using supportive arguments. An interesting introduction attracts the reader, engages them, and brings a curiosity to read it further.

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