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Mains Sampoorna: Polity and Governance Contemporary Issues

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Published: 15th Jun, 2022

Mains Sampoorna: Polity and Governance Contemporary Issues

Every year more than 10 questions are asked from the Polity and Governance in the Mains GS Paper-II. Hence, it plays a crucial role in candidates' selection for the UPSC examination.

The 'Polity and Governance contemporary issues' compilation under the 'Mains Sampoorna' covers the topics related to the polity and governance that have been in the news for the last year. It also covers the issues of political and governance importance. It covers all the rules, laws, amendments, and legal and judicial initiatives taken at the level of legislation, judiciary, and executive. Each and every topic has been covered in a comprehensive manner by providing basic information and analysis of the topics. This will help in removing all the subjects related doubts and solving the major issue of presenting answers while practicing writing for the UPSC Mains 2022. Students who struggle with the most pressing questions such as 'How to write the best answer for Polity and Governance' and 'How to analyze questions in UPSC mains examination' will get clear guidance from the compilation on Polity and Governance Contemporary Issues.

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