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Mains Sampoorna: Keywords & Examples - GS Paper IV

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Published: 7th Sep, 2023

Mains Sampoorna:  Keywords & Examples - GS Paper IV

With the UPSC CSE mains 2023 just weeks away, the significance of last minute revision cannot be overstated. In this critical juncture, the GSSCORE Mains Recall Series 2023 offers a well-rounded approach to ensure students are adequately prepared and supported. This helps aspirants to quickly cover important issues in a short time, correct you and fill gaps.

Often the “words” make or break the game. In GS-4, the interpretation and comprehension of words make for a very important aspect, due to the dynamic and highly subjective angles involved with the nature of the subject. This glossary of “keywords and examples” makes a ready reckoned for candidates to revise key terminologies contextual to the subject. Students can use the examples to quote in the questions and the key explanations help the students decipher the end of the questions better and also enable them to write more precise and better answers.


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