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Importance of practicing NCERT-based Prelims Questions

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    26th Apr, 2022

Practice is the key for success in Prelims

It is said that to build a strong building one needs a strong foundation. The foundation of UPSC CSE is based on repetitive and consistent practise. As the saying goes, Practice makes perfect and after a long time of practicing, work becomes natural, skillful, swift, and steady.

Significance of practice paper for UPSC Prelims

  • NCERT-based questions: For the strong building of UPSC civil services exam preparation, NCERTs are the base. By analyzing UPSC's previous years’ question papers, one finds that many questions have been asked directly from the NCERT books. These books not only cover the syllabus but their simple language and writing style makes understanding concepts easy.
  • Creative way to learn: Practice tests are a new and interesting way of learning new information and data. UPSC often frames its questions from a distinct perspective to make them seem unique. Mock tests help in understanding how a concept can be asked in a differential manner. This will help in building a holistic knowledge map of a concept.
  • Consistency: UPSC examination is a marathon and not a sprint. It requires consistent efforts day in and day out. Practice test helps in keeping the momentum and the spirit alive. If you perform well, it will build your confidence and if you perform par below, it should act as a motivation to do better.
  • Quick Revision: Before sitting for the exam, students need to revise the entire syllabus many times to retain information. UPSC syllabus is so designed that it has a starting point but no end. For his, mock tests act as an extended segment of the syllabus and help in the quick revision of important concepts. By testing your knowledge at regular intervals, you can see how much information you can retain. Research shows that information is retained much more effectively if studying in a short and consistent manner

Merely studying for hours and hours a day and not putting it to test is not a good preparation strategy. It is necessary to evaluate the input-output ratio. GS Score Prelims Practice Workbook provides a one-stop solution for all important Prelims questions. The three separate workbooks comprising NCERT-based questions, PYQs, and Advanced questions assist in holistic preparation. Practice tests in the workbook will help you in analyzing the level of preparation at regular intervals. By giving the right exposure, they let you know your weak areas and where efforts are needed. Thus, by highlighting the mistakes you make and they make sure that you do not repeat the same mistakes later on. Information learned while taking and reviewing a test stays for a longer period. Thus, helping in the quick retrieval of such concepts and facts during the actual exam.

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