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INTERVIEW PREPARATION SERIES: Geography & Environment Questionnaire



Saline Solution: How MGNREGA helped Nagapattinam recover from the 2004 tsunami

  • What are the effects of Tsunami on soil fertility?
  • How MGNREGA can be integrated with environmental projects?
  • Do you think there is any relationship between environment and employment?

The first known ‘space hurricane’ pours ‘electron rain’

  • How the hurricane was formed in ionosphere?
  • What was the direction of its spin?
  • What are the similarities and differences of space hurricane with hurricane in troposphere?
  • Are the space hurricane present in other planets?

Could kelp help relieve ocean acidification?

  • Why ocean acidification is a cause of concern?
  • What types of seaweed can be grown in India?
  • What are the potential benefits of Multipurpose Seaweed Park for the coastal community? Why the location is chosen at Chennai?

La Niña weather phenomenon

  • What is the effect of ENSO on Indian economy?
  • What crops will benefit from La Nina in India?

INCOIS found a method of improving wave forecast

  • What is Boreal Summer Intra-Seasonal Oscillation (BSISO)?
  • How BSISO is related to height of wave in Indian Ocean?

Solar corona puzzle cracked

  • What is the relationship between corona and solar winds?
  • How does Nano flare heats up corona?

WMO certifies Mega flash lightning extremes

  • What are mega-flashes?
  • How will the lightening occur in sky?
  • What causes thunder in the sky?

Earth’s magnetic field is weakening

  • What are the possible ramifications of this phenomenon?
  • What difference technologies, we use in our daily life, are dependent on earth’s magnetic field?
  • What is geomagnetic reversal?
  • How will this affect earth’s ionosphere?

Cyclone Amphan

  • What is the process to name a cyclone?
  • What is the approx. speed of winds during cyclone?
  • How will you protect the wildlife during such disaster?

Earth’s seismic noise

  • What is seismic noise?
  • How will you utilize seismic noise data?
  • What are the natural sources of seismic noise?

Extreme Heat Events in India’s Cities: A Framework for Adaptive Action Plans

  • Are loo and heat waves same?

Sudden stratospheric warming (SSW)

  • How SSW was responsible for Australian Bushfire?
  • How SSW affect polar vortex?
  • How SSW affects the weather of Northern USA?

Giant iceberg A68a

  • What type of biodiversity can be found below the submerged part of an iceberg?

Moon controls release of methane in Arctic Ocean: Study

  • What are the different sources of methane emission in Arctic?
  • How moon is responsible in controlling methane emission from Arctic Ocean?

Mountain measurement

  • Why Himalayas are rising?
  • What are the different techniques available to Measure Mountains?

Curving waves

  • What are the factors responsible for draughts in India?
  • How jet streams effect Indian monsoon?

Winter Solstice, which made December 21 the shortest day of the year

  • Do you think the date Dec 21 is fixed for winter solstice till 2100?
  • When does the astronomical winter starts?
  • What will happen if the axial tilt is increased to 90° ?

Looking for lithium toehold, India finds a small deposit in Karnataka

  • What are rare earth metals? Give examples.
  • Why lithium has become an important element in recent times?
  • Where is lithium triangle?
  • Name some potential sites of lithium deposition sites in India.
  • Name some latest energy storage technologies.
  • From where does India imports its lithium.
  • Is lithium an oxidizing agent or reducing agent?

Tripartite agreement signed for harnessing Potash in Rajasthan

  • What is solution mining?
  • What is the role of potassium in human body?
  • Do you think feasibility studies should be deregulated?
  • What is the role of Potash in fertilizers?
  • Do you think that fertilizer subsidy goes against the principle of UN Convention to Combat Desertification?

Megatrends’ to affect forests over the coming decade

  • How the following has affected or will affect forest?
  • Erratic weather
  • Changing demographics
  • Rise of middle class
  • Use of digital technologies
  • Infrastructure development

Banana grit from Changalikodan Nendran Banana

  • Suggest some measures to increase shelf life of food products.
  • Suggest some food preservation techniques.

To what extent does climate change affect food insecurity? Case Study of Lesotho

  • How each of the following affect food security in India?
  • EXIM policy
  • Green revolution
  • Globalization

Zombie fires’ discovered in Arctic as climate change introduces new fuel

  • What is zombie fire?
  • What is the geographical distribution of sequestered carbon?

Glistening ‘blue tide’ along Mumbai

  • What is bioluminescence?
  • Name some species with bioluminescence.

Indonesia's Mount Sinabung erupted

  • How does the aerosol affect Indian monsoon?
  • How will you react to such a disaster in your district?

Earthquakes hit Mizoram for the fourth day

  • What threat does earthquakes poses to biodiversity of the region?

Kerala to start intercropping

  • Name some agricultural produce from Kerala.
  • What are the benefits of inter-cropping?

New maps reveal details of the lost continent Of Zealandia

  • How does a continent form?

Chamoli Glacier Break

  • What is Glacial Lake Outburst Flood?
  • What disaster risk reduction measures will you put in place after Chamoli disaster?
  • On whom will you fix the accountability of such disasters? If any.

Forest fire in Uttarakhand, Australia, California

  • Why forest fires have increased in recent years across the world and why are they increasingly more devastating?


  • What will be the long-term impact of covid-induced reverse migration from cities to villages?


  • Why the first monsoon rains lead to flooding even in our so-called ‘smart cities’. What needs to be done.
  • What is the basis of selection of a town/city towards smart city?

Horticulture/agriculture start-ups

  • There have been number of start-ups in India in past few years in the area of hydroponics based green-leafy vegetable production? Why is everyone is moving to a particularly small section of agriculture? How sustainable is that?


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