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    31st Jul, 2021
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Global Economic Outlook

  1. What is the prospect of global economic recovery in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic?
  2. What are the major threats to global economic recovery after the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic?
  3. PWC in its 24th annual survey of CEOs 2021 has highlighted that the COVID pandemic would play a dual role I.e., one as an accelerator of transformation and the second as an amplifier of disruptive forces. Explain.
  4. The pandemic has laid bare the fundamental deficiencies in our global system, weaknesses in business operating models and challenges that will shape our world moving forward. What are the deficiencies, challenges and prospects?
  5. What are the main highlights of IMF’s latest World Economic Outlook?
  6. What is the basis of IMF’s World Economic Outlook’s optimism about Emerging economies, especially India?
  7. Is Brexit a knee jerk decision against a deep-rooted crisis of faith in multilateralism? And will it lead to the revival of protectionism?
  8. Why there is a thrust on demand-led growth worldwide, especially after the outbreak of COVID 19?
  9. What is the dual circulation strategy of China? Why has China adopted it?
  10. Why the global economies are in search of alternatives to China-centric supply chains?
  11. The world is indecisive about the fate of multilateralism yet trying for different models of economic integration such as BRI, CPTP, trans-Atlantic Economic Cooperation, Eurasian Economic Union, African Economic Union etc.?  How do you explain the phenomenon?
  12. Bitcoin has been criticized recently for its negative impact on environment and a large carbon footprint, can you explain why digital currency has such a bad impact on environment?
  13. While world over Covid has led to economic distress and destruction, however, it has also promoted ‘work from home’ culture, how far do you think this will go in future, is it a permanent change or just temporary adjustment?
  14. Why are so many stock markets across the world are in boom despite slowdown in production?
  15. How the Covid outbreak has affected the global supply chain system, who has gained most from such chaos?
  16. Crypto Currencies have been very volatile and in fact of-late even a tweet by Elon Musk can crash or pump any crypto-currency? With such instability can we really expect crypto currency to be mainstream in future?

Indian Economy

  1. Why the Economic Survey 2020-21 describes digital technology as the “spirit runner” of the pandemic year?
  2. What is the suggestion of Economic Survey 2020-21 on constituents of economic growth, the most important priority in the times to come?
  3. How do you evaluate Economic Survey’s claim that India transformed short term trade-off between lives and livelihood during lockdown into medium to long term win-win saving lives and livelihood?
  4. What are your views on Vinod Kapri’s film 1232 km on the plight of migrant labourers during the COVID 19 lockdown?
  5. What were the steps/stimulus measures taken by the government of India to minimise the effects of economic disruption caused by the COVID pandemic? Were these measures adequate?
  6. What are the main features of Atmanirbhar Bharat 2.0 and 3.0? Is it India’s version of economic nationalism?
  7. Do you agree with the contention of the government that India was the only country in the world that pursued structural reforms in the initial phase of COVID shock? Give reasons.
  8. Do you agree that agricultural reforms in India lagged behind other reforms while India pursued structural reforms in other sectors in the last two decades?
  9. What is a lockdown dividend? Is it correct to claim that India is a Sui genesis case of V-shaped economic recovery during the unique and globally synchronised recession on the back of the COVID pandemic? (too technical)
  10. What do you understand by interest rate growth rate differential (IRGD)?  Should governments dither from taking countercyclical fiscal initiatives due to fear of debt sustainability?
  11. Do you agree with the contention that India’s sovereign credit rating by global agencies is incorrect, flawed and biased? Give reasons.
  12. Do you believe that India should focus more on growth rather than redistributive interventions? Give reasons.
  13. What is the state of healthcare infrastructure in India? Why has the Indian government consistently failed to fill the supply-demand gap in health care services? Enumerate some government initiatives which have made some difference in this regard.
  14. What is information asymmetry and how does it affect government, society and people?
  15. What is the difference between regulation and supervision? Why Indian economy is over-regulated? What are the pros and cons? (not objective enough for interview)
  16. What do you understand by the inevitability of incomplete regulations? Why it is important to appreciate its importance?
  17. What is the state of R&D in India as compared to advanced nations, especially China? Why business sector in India contributes less to R&D? Suggest measures to improve R&D infrastructure and policy in India.
  18. What is Ayushman Bharat? What are its outcomes? Point out the loopholes and shortcomings in the implementation of the programme?
  19. What is the significance of ensuring access to bare necessities in a democratic country like India? Why India lags in providing these services to its population despite achieving higher growth rates? Why there are differences between states with regard to provision and access to bare minimum necessities?
  20. What are the major issues involved in farmers’ protest? Do the recently passed agricultural bills/acts harm farmers’ interest?
  21. What do you mean by third generation economic reforms? What are the upsides and downside of recent labour reform bills/acts of India?
  22. What is the reason for a booming capital market in India despite pandemic and negative growth rate? Is it good?
  23. What are the reasons forthe current account surplus in India during the first half of FY 2020-21?
  24. India has improved its debt vulnerability index? How?
  25. What are the advantages of the merger of public sector banks?
  26. What is National Action Plan on Climatic Change?
  27. What are the recent reforms in tax administration carried out by the government for enhancing honest tax payers’ experience?
  28. What are the reasons forthe low ranking of India in the Human Development Index? Suggest measures to improve.
  29. What is your assessment of India’s budget for FY 2020-21?
  30. Why Indian manufacturing sector receives lesser foreign investment than the services sector? What are its implications? What needs to be done to improve the inflow of foreign investment in the manufacturing sector of India? 
  31. What are the implications of India opting out of the RCEP?
  32. How do you react tothe discontinuance of publication of data on poverty and unemployment in India?
  33. What are the five most important priorities for the Indian economy?
  34. What is agricultural distress? Is it right to say that the Indian agriculture sector is in distress? Why? What needs to be done?
  35. What is suitable fiscal policy response for India in wake of pandemic, if choice is between, expansionaryexpenditure policy or Tax cut?
  36. Examine the scope of UBI (Universal Basic Income) and its fiscal viability in context of pandemic and lock-down?
  37. The farmer protest movement on outskirts of Delhi has been going on for more than six months. How legitimate and rational are their demands?
  38. What are the reasons behind increase in inflation in last year in India, is it a global phenomenon or local?
  39. It was argued in 2020 that several banks are on verge of collapse due to the ill effects of covid pandemic and lock-down. Can you explain how the pandemic has affected the banking sector?

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