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Decoding UPSC - Concept To Question

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Categories: Mains, Published: 3rd Feb, 2023

Since the commencement of the new scheme in 2013, UPSC has stressed the importance of a deeper understanding of the concepts. The commission emphasises developing a perspective rather than simply content procurement. It is evident from the question papers. Pick any Previous Year's Paper, and you will see this shift. To decode the questions asked in the UPSC examination, it is necessary to acquire a conceptual understanding.

Achieving The Peak Performance

A shift from 2013 has to be addressed with an understanding of the importance of moving in the right direction. The right direction means setting up the right milestones, achieving them at the right time and consistently following the right approach

It is high time that you acknowledge that If you work hard and your direction is not right, then your efforts will be futile. Getting high marks on this examination requires you to have an output-driven mindset.

How to approach the concepts to decode UPSC questions

The first step towards cracking UPSC is to comprehend the psyche- the demand and the nature. The Commission isn’t seeking scholarly candidates but output-driven thinking minds. Hence, even the whole design of the curriculum is such that only a thinking mind can decode it. 

Let’s give you a microscopic look at the whole preparation process. The steps discussed below cover the essentials of the UPSC exam:

1. Decoding syllabus: You must micro-list the whole syllabus. Reach the micro-levels of each paper: topics, subtopics and so on. Doing this would help you sink into the various dimensions you need to know.

2. Relating the Dynamic Portion: Whenever you see any concept or topic, it should raise questions. You must ask what is the objective, and how it affects you. And this is what you need to instil. Whenever there is any change around you, ask yourself this question. That is how your conceptual clarity would increase. Your perspective will be shaped by this.

3. PYQs- The blueprint: We cannot emphasise enough the viability of the Previous Year's Questions. PYQs are your blueprint to decipher the demand of the UPSC. Once you understand this blueprint, you will be able to interpret the development of the questions. Have you ever wondered how many faculties predict what questions can reflect in the main exam? It is this analytical mindset that makes them so sure.

4. Make sure all the dots connect by taking Mock Tests: Once you include the above-explained essentials in your preparation. Mock tests will help you chisel your brain. You must take as many mock tests as you can. The more you practise the more confident you will be. Once you have covered all the above goals, you will feel a sense of conviction.

The only hiccup in your preparation is not getting the right tests. Only a well-thought and well-planned test series can help you. No matter what stage you are in. Prelims or Mains your pick should be practical. This is why we have come up with the “Concept to Question” Marathon. We intend to drive your outlook towards output-driven preparation. In the UPSC CSE Mains 2022, the questions were highly similar to the nature of the questions we asked. Our Test series questions were an amalgamation of our thinking line-the faculties, underlying context and dimension coverage overlap.

Check our GS Mains Course for more input and to crack Mains 2023 by a concoction of your self-study and our thinking line.

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