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    29th May, 2019

What is a good Mains answer? Million dollar question! Especially in the given scenario when good marks in IAS Mains Exam is distant dream. Mains examination questions of general studies unfolded many thing, about word limit, approach to the questions, analytical demand of the question, and many turn and twist attached to most of the question in the form of common instructions i.e. Analyse, Critically analyse, discuss, evaluate, explain etc. these are called directives of questions. These words guide you about the clear path you should follow while writing your answers and make them relevant. 

So having a clear understanding of these directives is first and foremost requirement to cater the demand of the questions and make your answers effective, thus here I am presenting the meaning of the common directives generally attached to the Questions in the Mains paper.

  • ANALYSE:Break up an issue/event into its component parts and explain how these relate to one another.
  • ASSESS: consider the importance of something stress is given in the question.
  • COMPARE: simply examine the similarities and differences.
  • CONTRAST: concentrate on the differences.
  • CRITIQUE: point out the limitations and usefulness of the subject in the question.
  • DESCRIBE: give detailed account of a topic
  • DISCUSS: explain various perspective and present a logical argument
  • EVALUATE: weigh up the importance, success or value of something with evidence to support your view
  • EXAMINE: give a detailed account, questioning and exploring the relevant issue
  • EXPLAIN:give a precise account, with reasons for why or how it is as it is.
  • ILLUSTRATE:use examples from a range of source to demonstrate your understanding of the subject.
  • JUSTIFY: make a case for a particular perspective. Establish the truth through supporting evidence or logical reasoning
  • REVIEW: examine how a topic has been studied and comment on value and limitations of its treatment
  • To what extent: explore the case for and against a claim

 By Manoj K. Jha 


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