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Common Mistakes Done By UPSC Aspirants

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Categories: Miscellaneous, Published: 11th Aug, 2021

Civil services examination is not an examination in a conventional sense. Just academic knowledge is not sufficient to clear IAS Examination. Thus a candidate sometimes is left fending for his own self due to lack of direction and understanding about the demands of one of the most prestigious examination in the country.

Before embarking on this journey, there are a few things to bear in mind. The UPSC Preparation is not a joyride and there would be several hiccups along the way. The important thing is to be positive and march ahead. The wise thing would be to avoid as many obstacles as possible. While there are no set criteria about the course and the manner of preparation, there can be few common avoidable mistakes that can be kept in mind by candidates:

  1. Preparing due to family/society expectations/ Pressure: UPSC Civil Services is a much esteemed examination. Many candidates enter the race as a result of pressure to make a career or prove themselves worthy in the eyes of family or society. However such a superficial reasons prove insufficient to provide long term motivation and commitment required to clear the UPSC Examination. Such a move results in wastage of time, energy and thus causing frustration that culminates into failure in the exam.
  2. Not Seeking help: Civil Services Preparation offers a bumpy ride that could have various hiccups. In order to sail smoothly through the process of the examination, it is important to find a mentor or guide who can guide you through the unpredictability and vastness of the examination. Thousands of students throng Delhi in search of some of the Best UPSC coaching in India. Such guidance and direction is important for an aspirant in order to get a positive outcome with least amount of hiccups.
  3. Passive Reading and Listening: This is a mistake that is being committed by almost every student. As students are not trained enough to think, question and analyze the issues mere reading and listening would not help them to qualify the exam. Apart from this not reading between the lines lead to repetition of efforts and wastage of time.
  4. Procrastination: It is one of the most crucial factors that have cost dearly even the most sincere and deserving aspirants. Procrastination in making or following the schedule, or while  starting practicing for prelims mocks, in starting mains answer writing all have proven disastrous for aspirants. The best strategy to clear UPSC civil services is the one which is actually in action.
  5. Not Sticking To The Syllabus: This is also considered as one of the biggest mistakes as this leads to deviation and distraction that ultimately turns into failure of students. Not sticking to the UPSC Syllabus properly student follows a blind approach towards examination and thus follows too many irrelevant books and study materials that has nothing to do with exam.
  6. Lack Of Practice in Answer Writing or MCQs: This is the most significant issue faced by most of the students where they stuff themselves with loads of information without knowing the applicability. Students often face difficulty while solving the questions during the exam due to lack of practice.
  7. Not Following Integrated Approach to Preparation: Following scattered approach of preparation i.e different approach of preparation for prelims and mains is the most common mistake that should be avoided while preparing for UPSC IAS Exam. The prelims and mains exam should be prepared simultaneously considering the changing trend of civil services exam.
  8. Not focusing on Revision: Many aspirants have the tendency to go on studying and reading, without taking out the time to frequently revise. Revision is important for consolidation of knowledge and will help you in recalling better in the examination hall, where amount of pressure is huge.  Under UPSC Civil Services less is more. Reading limited things but revising them regularly gives candidates the confidence to ace the examination.
  9. Lacking Confidence: In the long march to the coveted IAS post, many aspirants tend to give in to pressures of all kinds. They might have to face all kinds of sarcasms including those of family and friends. If aspirants are clear about their goal, they should shut out negativity and start relying only on themselves. Taking small breaks from the preparation will help in this regard. Most importantly, try to be positive while preparing for the UPSC IAS exam.

Working on the above factors can go a long way in increasing your chances of civil services examination. Sincerity, discipline and pragmatism are the prerequisites for the examination, while academic challenges are also there, there are ample of support available for them. A student must work on nonacademic front also. These nonacademic challenges as stated above are as essential as academic ones to excel the examination.


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