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Essential Qualities of An IAS Aspirant

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    11th Aug, 2021

IAS Examination needs  certain character traits that should be possessed by each and every IAS aspirant during UPSC Preparation. It is important to not let your shortcomings affect your work or the people around you. Though It seems a tough task but it is definitely possible if executed properly.

While  embarking on this journey of UPSC preparation, certain changes are witnessed in one’s personality with the passage of time. The exam is not just about being fiercely competitive, reading and learning, it is often a path of self-discovery.

Here we have shortlisted few essential qualities that must be possessed by every aspirant for acing civil services exam:

Test of patience

Success  requires patience and wait for your hard work to provide rewards. Civil Services Examination, is not only a test of one's academics, but also is a test of one's patience and perseverance. One must try to maintain calm and composure throughout the process. . Many aspirants clear the civil services examination in their first go, while others with all their earnest effort will not be able to do so even in 2nd or 3rd attempt. In such times, you will have to show patience and keep working towards your goals.

Patience and Hard-work helped me succeed.”- Vishal Mishra (AIR 49; CSE 2017)

“Pure Hard Work, Patience and Perseverance helped me sail through”.- Aparajita (AIR 40; CSE 2017)


The idiom Slow and steady wins the Race holds true in this case. It is the steadiness in learning that helps for progress. It is therefore important for the UPSC aspirant to ensure that they are able to maintain consistency while learning.

Believe in yourself

To live a life of high achievement, you must fully believe in yourself and your ability.  Infact, Everything you have in your life is a result of your belief in yourself and the belief that it’s possible. Apart from the persistent studies, there are certain values an IAS aspirant must believe to attain success in Civil Services Examination. Confidence and self belief is among the most important of those values.

“Dedication, Hard Work, Smart Work, Consistency, and Self-belief helped me achieve my Goal.” (Bipasha Kalita AIR 41; CSE 2017)

“Consistency, perseverance, self belief and ability to analyze my failure are four factors that worked for me.” (Ravi Anand AIR 79; CSE 2017)

 “You cannot believe in God until you believe yourself.” -Swami Vivekananda

Remove Distractions

No matter how you condition yourself for success, you will still have to remove everyday distractions to get ahead in this exam. Simple tasks like putting away your cell phone or not watching TV while studying all help you march ahead.

"The power of concentration is the only key to the treasure-house of knowledge."- Swami Vivekananda

Push yourselves against all the odds, remove distractions and fight till the end; only then you will understand what you are capable of”. - (Prateek Jain AIR 86; CSE 2017)

Distractions destroy action. If it’s not moving you towards your purpose, leave it alone.” – Jermaine Riley

The Duo of hard work and smart study

Though the exam demands hard work from the aspirant, it should be “intelligent hard work”. In current times, hard work seems to be not just sufficient. It has to be supported by a good planning; a lot of selective reading and thorough feedback in UPSC Preparation. The most important aspect of the whole preparation lies in its  planning . Without planning, all your diligence and invested effort go in vain. ,

“Dedication, Hard Work, Smart Work, Consistency, and Self-belief helped me achieve my Goal”.-( Bipasha Kalita , AIR 41; CSE 2017)

“Smart hard work and right guidance worked the wonders.”- ( Vishal Mishra , AIR 49; CSE 2017)

Withstanding Pressure: Perform or Perish?

Civil Services journey cannot be called completed  without learning the art of tackling pressure and stress. As you start preparing, you will start feeling the heat generated by all sorts of people, family, peer group, college friends, neighbors etc. You need to take a cautious approach while  selecting  group of peers. Make sure that they are supportive of you and the outcomes you desire. Avoid the negative people who create an aura of hopelessness around you.

“Your dreams may not match up with your circumstances; despite all odds, achieving Goal gives inner satisfaction”. -( Abhimanyu Rana  AIR 220; CSE 2017)

“No Matter what the odds are, Determination and Passion is the Key to Crack this Examination.”–(Safin Mustufaali , AIR 570; CSE 2017)


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