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How a good test series accelerates your Self-study

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    15th Mar, 2023

UPSC Civil Services Examination is a dream of many but a lot of background work goes into making an aspirant into a bureaucrat. Without denial, Procuring Content, reading about diverse subjects, and cramming and digesting heavy information is one thing but not sufficient to make you clear this examination. Combining your self-study with the assessment is needed to succeed in this examination.

In a recent study, researchers found that students who took a practice test after a revision period did better on the final exam than those who didn’t do the mock test and just spent the whole time revising. And studies also reveal that giving tests are a better way of revision rather than going through the same book again and again.

 The reason stated for this was that in the former case, the scope of analysis helps the students to get better clarity on a topic and revise the concepts in the right way which is not the case with the latter. Not only this but the test series help students in many other ways:

  1. It prepares you for the final examination through practice.
  2. Practice creates confidence which enables you to keep your calm in the examination hall and increase your productivity curve.
  3. Test series help you in managing your time.
  4. It also gives you the scope to experiment and check what works for you and what shouldn’t be tried in the exam.

So, now that the fact is established about the importance of test series the other important question is which kind of test series one should opt for when there is no dearth of resources in the market? 

When time is a scarce resource, you should be smart enough to join a test series which follows the UPSC CSE pattern, the level of questions should put you to test your analytical skills and most importantly their feedback should help you to improve.GS Score test series is a safe option to go for. The level of questions asked in both their Prelims and Mains test series are of high quality and are attuned to the UPSC syllabus. Therefore, Taking you directly from the #ConceptToQuestion. An added advantage is the personalised mentorship offered by them helps you to sail through this examination without worrying about the trembling sea.

Check out our Integrated Test Series to take your self-study from #ConceptToQuestion!


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