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Is It Right To Name Mucermycosis As Black, White Or Yellow Fungus

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    26th May, 2021

Cases of Black Fungus, White Fungus and Yellow Fungus have started appearing in the corona epidemic. But doctors at large hospitals, including AIIMS, say that it is wrong to call mucorumcosis as a black fungus. White and yellow fungus also does not occur. In the past, there have been many fungal infections in patients. But everyone's conclusion is that fungal infections have increased due to weakening immunity in people infected with corona. Corona, uncontrolled diabetes and steroid all three are weakening the body's resistance. There are many types of fungus. Dr. Purva Mathur, Professor of Lab Medicine, AIIMS Trauma Center, said that what is being said about black, white or yellow fungus is a misnomer. In culture investigation, black and white fungus came to be called on the basis of color. Aspergillus fungus develops when the bread is spoiled. In the same way, mucarmycosis is a different type of fungus, it is not called black fungus. Even before Corona, cases of this disease were seen more in India than other countries in patients suffering from other diseases. Warm and humid environment is favorable for this.


Fungus is present in the environment


Fungus is present in the environment. Mucarmicosis occurs in air, soil, dusty areas. In normal people, the body's resistance does not allow infection. Infections between three to five weeks Mucaramicosis occurs in the body through the nose. Hence it is called mukaramycosis. Its infection can start from the nose and go to the eyes, facial bones and brain. In some cases, it is also found in the lungs and intestine. In addition to a few active corona patients, the infection is seen within three to five weeks of recovery.

This is why infection is fatal


It is being told that mucarmycosis destroys the tissue of the affected area. This is the reason that due to excess infection it is necessary to remove the affected part after surgery. If it reaches the blood vessels, it blocks. Because of this, its infection is fatal.


Changes in white blood due to corona


Corona changes the existing white blood in the blood. Because of this, the body's resistance is weak. Many corona patients are given immunity suppressing drugs to prevent internal inflammation. Steroid use has increased. In such a situation, the probability of weakening the immunity increases more.

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