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Benefits of All India Open Mock Test

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Categories: Prelims, Published: 10th Feb, 2023

Civil Services Exam preparation includes solving UPSC mock tests. IAS toppers recommend this as an essential component of the preparation process. It is strongly recommended that candidates take as many mock tests as possible prior to the Prelims Exam Date. And if the mock test is all India level then it is icing on the cake. The candidates are able to compare their knowledge and preparation with those of their competitors. As a result, their preparations may be more aligned.

Benefits of Free Online Mock Test for UPSC Prelims 2023

1. Assessing their preparation through All India Ranking: Through the series of Open Mock Tests 2023, you will be able to evaluate yourself on an all-India level.

2. A better understanding of the exam pattern: The Subject-wise mock tests are based entirely on the pattern of the UPSC CSE exam. These tests help you discover your weak areas and improve your speed.

3. Apprehend the important topics from the examination perspective:  Once you have identified the topics or subtopics that are your weak areas, you can revise them and note them down. Every time you find any new update in a particular current affairs test, note them down subject-wise

4. A mock experience of the atmosphere in the examination hall: With each mock test, students will see a considerable rise in their speed and accuracy and know which particular topics need more consideration; it will also help in handling questions appropriately.

5. Analyse individual strengths and weaknesses & Comprehend the standard of examination: All India Mock Test Has a set of metrics to analyze your performance. You can download your report and analyze your tests based on these metrics:

  • Attempt Analysis: Analyse your attempts based on ideal solving time, silly mistakes, etc. 
  • Accuracy: Record the tallies of attempted, unattempted, and correctly attempted questions. This will give you an overall analysis of how much you know about a particular subject.
  • Topic Wise Analysis: Pick the micro-detailed syllabus of all the subjects and write the topics or the sub-topics that need improvement under it.

6. Complete revision through Supplementary notes: By the end of all the tests, you will have a handful of topic-wise recent updates on all the subjects. At this stage, you just have to align them within your static notes on the same topic.

 When you will follow these steps, you will not just complete your current affairs thoroughly but also develop a different perspective to look at a piece of particular news or incident, which is also a part of the important skill sets that the UPSC looks for in a candidate. This will help students revise effectively and become exam-ready.


The UPSC CSE 2023 calendar is out, and the candidates who wish to appear in the CSE 2023 exam should kick-start their preparation right away. It is now the right time to start your preparation and evaluate yourself through mock tests. In order to provide you momentum for your prelims preparation, we at GS SCORE are organizing a series of All India Free Open Mock Tests for UPSC Prelims 2023 in Hindi and English Medium. Through the series of Open Mock Tests 2023, you will be able to evaluate yourself on an all-India level and have a better idea of your strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat.

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