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Economy preparation for UPSC Prelims: Tricks and Tips

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Categories: Prelims, Published: 30th Mar, 2021

There are various textbooks available in the market but which one book or books can be fruitful for Civil Services Prelims Exam can’t be said precisely. The economy section is quite dynamic in nature because of it is more current affairs oriented. The unpredictability looms regarding the nature of questions and resources need to be followed. Ideally, a  book on Indian Economy and  the latest economic survey should be prepared to get a good grip on subject . The latest budget in this regard should not be ignored too . To have a fair idea about economic and social policies one can follow Economic and Political Weekly (EPW) magazine.

If you are a fresher and have no idea about the basic terms and terminology of economics then NCERT books can become boon in this scenario. Macro and microeconomics of NCERT not only give you a basic idea about economics but they also invoke interest in subject. After getting a mastery over the basics one can switch to dynamic portion of economy. There are multiple sources available for current affairs in economy but regular newspapers reading and preparing notes from them is the best practice that should be adopted. Economic survey and latest budget should be thoroughly read. The most important section in budget is policies and new initiatives launched. One should make a list of such policies and initiatives and note down important points so that revision become easier. However this process could be less cumbersome by adopting a smart approach. One can find all current affairs of economy at one place.  GS Score Prelims Sampoorn Current Affairs Compilation for Economy has been designed in such a way that it covers the entire economy current affairs holistically. The book has been written in simple and lucid manner and cover the entire syllabus.  Prelims Sampoorn is a key to success in UPSC Prelims Exam. 

The most important aspect in preparation of economy is revision and practice based approach. One should make notes in such a way that they could be easily revised. One mock test series could be also followed to consolidate your preparation. GS Score Prelims Mock Test Series could become good choice as it has been designed in the pattern of changing nature of civil services exam.  

Nature of questions reveal that only a person with a clear understanding of economic concepts would be able to answer economy questions . Mere mugging up won’t help in this area. During preparation it is advisable to understand the problems and solutions pertaining to Indian Economy. Aspirants are advised to adopt  more focused approach and should follow  should be more focused towards  newspaper economics than text book economics.

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