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How to avoid silly mistakes that you make in the UPSC Prelims Exam?

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Categories: Prelims, Published: 5th May, 2022

Every year Union Public Service Commission conducts Civil services Examination, which is a three stage process: Prelims, Mains and Personality test. The first and foremost stage is the Prelims, this is a test of pressure handling and decision making where students usually gets in the trap of UPSC and could not clear the first stage.

Prelims is the first stage of the examination, where the pressure handling capability and decision making skills of the candidates are checked (repeated). The prelims examination is designed in such a manner that in the first half General Studies paper 1 is conducted which is all about what you have studied and how you can apply your knowledge in the examination hall with intense pressure. Here both your knowledge and its application are tested in the intense pressure situation.

In the second half of the examination, GS Paper 2 is conducted which is also known as Civil Service Aptitude Test (CSAT). In this stage your decision making skills and mental ability is checked. Before this stage a 2.5 hours recess is given to relax your mind . The objective of the recess is to exhaust the mind of an aspirants . After the break CSAT is conducted, which includes quantitative aptitude, English comprehension and logical reasoning. This stage is to fulfill the demand to test the decision making skills of the aspirants with exhausted mind. The main purpose of the two stages at different timing is to test the skills under different circumstances.

The circumstances that UPSC creates in the examination hall influence the thinking process where aspirants’ mind get mislead and they make silly mistakes. To avoid such silly mistakes and predict the trap of the UPSC, a significant level of practice is required under the same circumstances that UPSC creates.

GS Score which is an institute for Civil Services have been conducting All India Mocks in UPSC Prelims simulated environment since 2014. These mocks have been a success in creating various toppers while helping them to learn how to handle pressure and avoid silly mistakes in Prelims.

This year also, GS Score has introduces a series of 3 mock tests, which will conducted over 22 cities before the prelims day. The special characteristics of the mock tests are that it is in a UPSC simulated test series. The centres will be at the different schools, where UPSC prefers to conduct examinations. The ambience that GS Score is providing is almost aligned with the UPSC.

Along with ambience in the examination hall, you will get the real experience of the examination pressure. These tests will help you to boost up your revision and most importantly it will give you the opportunity to practice the pressure handling and decision making skills. A real experience and practice that GS Score is providing will help the aspiring aspirants to clear the first hurdle and easily open the doors for the Mains Exam. You knowledge and ability to utilize the knowledge is very much important for the prelims which will be test by these mock tests.


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