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How to read NCERT for IAS Exam?

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    20th Mar, 2023

NCERT is generally recommended as the first step for civil service aspirants preparing for the UPSC. Before reading other standard reference books, you should read these. Simply put, they help in building a strong foundation. Its importance for UPSC has been demonstrated by the analysis of previous years' question papers. These books are consistently referenced in the analysis, either directly or indirectly. Therefore, you need to effectively cover the NCERT books for UPSC preparation with an appropriate approach.

How to cover NCERT for UPSC?

There is no one way to read NCERT books for UPSC. But to retain the NCERTs’ learning, you can follow this plan:

  • After choosing a subject, you can begin studying it from classes 6 to 12 in that subject book. NCERT books on Indian Polity are recommended for UPSC because of their weightage and simplicity.
  • After reading the first time, you can make notes after you grasp the basic concepts.

  • For UPSC, you can also skip making notes on NCERT books. Using the current affairs notes, you can supplement your NCERT reading and take notes right on the spot. Thus, you will find yourself prepared for multiple revisions with succinct NCERT revision notes!
  • History NCERT books are generally recommended, and geography NCERT books are recommended. NCERT compilations, on the other hand, are in keeping with UPSC preparation needs. Therefore, you can rely on them even if you cannot obtain NCERT books for UPSC.
  • Plan a timetable for completing your NCERT reading in about two months once you have curated the list of books. A basic foundational book that should be read is NCERTs.

Still, finish the first two readings in 2 months.

  • As you complete the NCERTs, go through the PYQ and get acquainted with the type of questions UPSC sets.
  • Start practising answer writing early is the key to clearing Mains for UPSC preparation.

  • Once you’ve read all the NCERT for UPSC, you can write NCERT-centered mock tests to assess your performance. Make sure to analyze each mock test in-depth to gain insights into your preparation.

NCERT is the Aadhaar on which the Foundation of UPSC CSE is built. Without reading and understanding NCERTs one can not even imagine clearing this exam. Reading all the books can be daunting but GS SCORE has made this task easier for you by bringing the Aadhaar - NCERT Foundation programme. The uniqueness of this program is not only the coverage of NEW and OLD NCERTs but also connecting the UPSC through NCERTs by systematic analysis of PYQs. It aims at linking current affairs with concepts and finally developing a comprehensive answer-writing approach. Visit the course page to know more.


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