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Learn how to handle pressure during the UPSC Prelims Exam?

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Categories: Prelims, Published: 20th Apr, 2022

how to handle pressure during the UPSC Prelims Exam

UPSC preparation is very exhausting; it not only requires high patience but also requires high self-confidence. With each day bringing an aspirant close to the UPSC Prelims date, the pressure starts to build up. A lot of aspirants have been facing problems in handling the exam pressure.

It has been noted from the experience of several aspirants that they find themselves more stressed on the day of exam. Despite performing well at mock tests, they find themselves panicked during the exam.

The reason is simple, while giving a mock test, an aspirant usually is in his/her comfort zone, be it his/her room or study hall. On the day of exam one has to get out of his/her comfort zone and appear for the exam in the exam centre.

GS Score has been providing you the opportunity to feel the same environment beforehand by conducting Mock Tests at schools, just like the UPSC Prelim exams. This will help an aspirant face the same environment which he/she will face on the day of exam. It will help him/her in handling the pressure in a better way.

By conducting such Mock Tests, GS Score tries to help aspirants in dealing with the pressure and prepare oneself mentally prior to the final day. The calmer the aspirant would be on the exam day, the more are the chances of him not making silly mistakes and thus having high chances of making a way through the prelims.

Another effort made by GS Score is that there is not just one such mock test. GS Score is conducting 3 such mocks so that an aspirant can also see his progress in handling pressure with each mock. Attempting all the three mocks in UPSC Prelim like environment will boost the confidence and help you remain calm on the day of exam.

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