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Preparing Caste Tribe and Peasant Movements: Strategy and Planning

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Categories: Prelims, Published: 14th Apr, 2021

The Indian History and culture form a significant portion of both the Civil Services Preliminary Exam and the Main Examination. General Studies paper of UPSC Prelims Exam carries a  substantial segment of Indian History blended with culture. The preparation of history demands not only dedication and diligence but a smart strategy also. In the past few years, the questions from history and especially modern history and Indian Culture have increased substantially.

We have already discussed various topics and its preparation strategy related to culture and history. In this article, we are going to discuss one more important area that too has huge importance for UPSC Prelims. This topic is the Caste, tribe, and peasant movements of India. Previous year papers show that every year one to two questions appear from these movements in prelims exam.

These movements were the result of discontent and resentment against the British people that led to an upsurge of such revolts. However, these movements and revolts were confined to smaller areas and regions they created a sense of nationality and a feeling of patriotism among people. The regional character of such revolts and movements caused them to fail. Britishers crushed these revolts easily.

Focus areas-

 In recent times there is a fair number of questions are being asked from this area. Aspirants should concentrate on the region of emergence and cause behind such movements. Apart from this the leaders associated with these movements also have significance in Prelims exam. Aspirants should know about the different movements, the purpose, and consequences of movements, the personalities behind the movement, etc. Aspirants should also focus on the role of Literature and the Press in propagating awareness regarding these movements. One should jot down the ‘chronology’ of the most important Movements and Missions led by the British to gain the backing of the Indians and expand their administration.

History is loaded full of facts and figures. In this scenario what to study and what not becomes more important. This section contains plenty of information pertaining to the movements and their cause. So to extract important information from this that is fruitful from an exam point of view is a major concern.

For any examination self-evaluation is essential. After completing each portion candidates should practice previous years' question papers. Once the preparation is done, it is highly recommended to join a mock test series for self-evaluation.

Revise, Recall and Revise Again!

Revision is considered an essential part of learning. This will enhance your memory power and help to retain the information during the examination. Along with reading and studying, one should be able to revise and retain the information you gathered. One should prepare short notes and jot down the important points. This will help you in last-minute revision. GS SCORE Prelims Sampoorna fact file on Tribes, peasants and caste movement is a compilation of major peasant, tribal and caste movements that happened in Indian history. This will make the revision process quick and easy.

Verifying, please be patient.

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