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Significance of General Science, Health & Disease in UPSC Prelims

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    1st Apr, 2021

In the past few years the prominence of  General Science, Health and Diseases has increased considerably in the UPSC Prelims exam. The reason cited for this is the emergence of rare and lethal human diseases and discoveries to find a panacea for these diseases. In the contemporary period while the entire humanity is facing the wrath of the corona pandemic this section becomes more significant. In this scenario, there is a maximum possibility that maximum questions will be asked from this section in UPSC Prelims 2021. Through this article, we are going to take a plunge into the preparation strategy and resources to be followed to tackle such kinds of questions.

Before starting preparing for such questions it is very important to get an assessment of the nature of questions that have been asked in the past year. The best way to have an idea about such questions is to go through the previous year's question papers. Having a cursory glance over such questions we find that the maximum number of questions are being asked from human biology and not from plant biology. The innovations and application-based areas remain the most likely sections where questions are formed. Areas like genetic engineering and applications based on these areas are the most prominent fields that are emphasized in the question paper. Health and human diseases have also remained key areas for framing questions.

Once the nature of questions and areas has been analyzed let’s have a look at the resources that need to be followed during preparation.  The NCERT Books remain the primary source for building blocks of human biology and health and diseases. Class 12 NCERT book should be thoroughly studied. The static portion such as human physiology and diseases (source, symptoms and cure)  nutrition and diseases due to lack of nutrition,  vector born diseases and their cure, genetic deformities and diseases caused by them should be the primary concern. However dynamic portion linked to the static portion also remains most vital in this regard. Areas of biotechnology, nanoscience and ongoing research in this field that cast impact on human society should be studied thoroughly. To cover dynamic areas regular reading of newspapers is a must. The Science and Technology section of The Hindu could fulfill all needs in this regard. A science magazine such as Science Reporter could be followed on regular basis for regular updation.

While making notes one should lay emphasis on the interlinking of static and dynamic portion. Current Affairs based on General Science and human diseases should be studied in a manner so that they could be easily linked with the static portion. For example, if one is studying vector born diseases then the causes and symptoms form the static portion while certain government policies linked to curbing such disease form the dynamic portion. This should be remembered during the preparation of notes so that at the time of revision such things could be recalled easily.

The ongoing Covid 19 Pandemic and crisis caused has impacted the entire human race. Because of this UPSC Prelims 2021 could have a maximum number of questions based on this issue. In this scenario, this section could not be skipped or ignored. After covering the entire syllabus the revision is also quite important to consolidate one’s knowledge. However, because of the large syllabus and plenty of information coverage of everything precisely is almost impossible. GS SCORE’s Prelims Sampoorna General Science, Health & Disease Current Affairs Compilation is a consolidated material that contains all relevant topics with needed facts and required explanation. This material has been designed in such a way that it covers all possible dimensions of this section and could be revised in a point-wise manner in a shorter duration.

Thus all these aspects must be kept in mind while studying. This is the only way how even a mediocre student can perform extraordinarily in UPSC exam. One thing must always be remembered that it is not hard work but intelligent hard work which creates a difference between success and failure.

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