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Strategy to prepare Environment and Ecology for UPSC Prelims

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    23rd Mar, 2021

UPSC exam has undergone several significant changes round the years. The questions based on environmental laws and pacts have seen increased weight age in both UPSC Prelims and mains exam. There has been 10-20% questions been asked from this section in the recent years. The Environment and Ecology section comprise of questions from various acts and policies pertaining to environment and biodiversity at national and global level. The weight age for environment and ecology has increased after inclusion of Indian Forest Services Exam with Civil Services Exam.  Now the question arise why future bureaucrats should be aware of such issues related to environment . Since 21st century saw the rise of issues like global warming and climate change hence a thorough knowledge in this area would enable the potential bureaucrats to ensure they are able to implement their knowledge in policymaking that concerns environmental matters .


Now the most pertinent question arise how this area should be covered in the preparation of UPSC. There are certain key areas in environment  that should be focused during preparation of  IAS Exam. AS far as the UPSC Prelims is concerned the question demands to have some basic and fundamental knowledge in this section. NCERT Books are the Holy Grail for UPSC prelims exam. The pattern of questions reveal that most of the questions are often based on fundamental knowledge of ecology. However while going through the NCERT books it is mandatory to have a thorough knowledge of syllabus first so that one does not get distracted from the syllabus. After finishing up NCERT one should have a look at the Previous Year Papers to understand the nature of questions asked in UPSC prelims from this section. Environment and ecology remains the most dynamic section because of day to day happenings at national and international level. Due to growing globalization and industrialization issues like global warming and climate change have emerged. These issues have further given rise to many problems such as rising sea level, dwindling biodiversity, depletion of natural resources and man wild conflicts. The third world countries often become victims of such changes. To avert such kind of situations the countries around the world often organize climate summits and pass certain pacts and legislation that aims to reduce such unprecedented events. The questions are often being framed around such summits and development goals. It is very important for the aspirants to have a thorough knowledge about these pacts and conventions

For the static section it is important to cover the last four chapters of class 12 biology of NCERT that will cover most of the basic and foundation level knowledge.

For the current section daily news paper like Hindu and Indian Express can play a crucial role. The magazines like Down To Earth can be also important source of current affairs related to environment.

 Interlinking the static portion with the current affairs is also important during the preparation of environment and ecology section. Questions are generally asked from areas such as Basic Concepts of Ecology, Ecosystem Dynamics, Biodiversity and its Conservation, Environmental Pollution, and Environment Governance. Key initiatives and schemes for tackling Climate Change, Global warming and Sustainable Development have remained consistent focus areas in the UPSC Prelims ExamGS SCORE Prelims Sampoorna Yearly Compilation of Environment provides all the relevant Topics from Current Events with much-needed facts and analysis in short and lucid language in one place so that you can revise all in lesser time.

The last but not least the most important part is to make micro notes that remains very helpful during revision. The mock tests can also be helpful to consolidate your preparation. The notes should be prepared in such a way so that it is easy in revision. For various conventions and policies one should prepare a table elaborating all these conventions and policies.

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