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UPSC Prelims

We always hear “Prelims is all about Practice”, but what is the best way to practice?

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“Practice makes a man perfect”, is an old saying, yet it has guided generations towards the ladder of success. The saying is true for UPSC Prelims as well.

UPSC Prelim has always been called a game of practice, the more you practice, the more you will have chances to get through it. Practicing more and more questions helps an aspirant to find his/her weakness while tackling a question. It will help him improve and avoid such mistakes in the UPSC Prelim exam.

Practicing also helps an aspirant in covering more topics from basics to current affairs related. The more the topics are covered, the more confidence will be gained. It will help the aspirant by speeding up his ability in solving easy questions.

GS Score helps an aspirant by providing three Prelim Practice workbooks-

  1. Previous Year Questions (PYQ),
  2. NCERT based questions and
  3. Advanced level Question workbook

PYQ Practice Workbook” will help you practice the previously asked questions of UPSC and helps you identify the language UPSC uses while preparing a question. It will also help you identify the topics that are generally repeated.

NCERT Practice Workbook will help you cover all NCERT’s at one place. Since NCERTs play the most important role in understanding the basic concepts, practicing NCERT based questions is equally important. This will help the aspirant in revising NCERT at a faster pace than the traditional way of reading NCERT again and again.

Advanced Level Practice Workbook has covered the syllabus more thoroughly. It also has covered the current affair based questions. This workbook will help an aspirant to practice more advanced questions and thereby give a boost to his Prelims readiness.

Practicing all these workbooks will not just help an aspirant cover more topics but also will boost his confidence in tackling questions of varying difficulty levels across subjects.


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