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INTERVIEW PREPARATION SERIES: International Relations Questionnaire



India’s Foreign Policy


  • Where does India stand among the recent tussle between China and the USA? How should we reposition ourselves if China surpasses the US?
  • India being a major stakeholder in South Asia should be concerned about the Doha Agreement between the US and Taliban? Do you agree?
  • How diplomacy can help in averting tensions like the Galwan clash?
  • Why is the border dispute between China still unresolved? What is the major reason for such boundary disputes all over the world
  • How Indian domestic politics is shaping our foreign policy due to CAA/NRC?
  • What impact will the report of  theUS Commission on International Religious Freedom have on India-US relations?
  • What were the hits and misses of the Trump regime for India? Should India host another event like Namaste Trump?
  • Is soft-power losing its relevance in era of resurgence of bi-polar world and deglobalization?

India’s ties with Central Asia


  • If India-Pakistan relations were like India-Bangladesh relations, how different would India have approached its central Asia policy?

Tibet returns as a fulcrum point between the US and China


  • Western secularism speaks of the separation of state with religion, then why the USA has made it an official policy by enacting Tibetan Policy and Support Act to support the Tibetan cause of choosing their religious leader inconsistent with Tibetan Buddhism.
  • How can India wield its soft power built upon Buddhism to counter China?

UK ‘finally’ struck a post-Brexit trade deal with EU



  • How long will the EU disintegrate? Why is the UK not happy being a part of the EU? Is the problem persisting? Won’t the other countries like France and Germany follow the UK? What will be the importance of a disintegrated EU in global order?
  • In what ways will the disintegration of the EU help China?

India, Sri Lanka, Maldives up maritime security

  • Maldives and Sri Lanka present both threats and opportunities for Indian maritime security. Explain
  • How ‘close’ Maldives and Sri Lanka are from India in today’s time?

India’s outreach to West Asia


  • How does OIC impact India-Saudi relations?
  • What type of balancing act is required in the Middle East after Abraham accord by India?
  • How successful is India’s multi-vector approach in the Middle East? How do you see the recent Iran-China deal?

SCO Summit


  • Do you think SCO is now the sole platform to normalize India-Pak relations and put an end to terrorism emanating from the neighborhood?
  • How would SCO deploy its RATS to deal with terror outfits in Pakistan?

Chinese dam on YarlungTsangpo/Brahmaputra: Should India be concerned?


  • How will this dam impact India-Bangladesh relations?
  • Will the dam affect India’s water or energy security?
  • What benefits can India expect from this dam?

Pakistan’s new political map


  • Do you think the new map by Pak, Nepal, China at the almost same time was a part of a bigger conspiracy against India?
  • Do you think we can still regain our lost territory from Pakistan?
  • How should India react to recent elections held at Gilgit Baltistan? Will this make India’s claim over PoK weaker?

Vaccine nationalism


  • Under what circumstances should India pursue the road of vaccine nationalism?
  • Vasudev Kutumbakam during COVID-19 is seen as an extension of Nehruvian Idealistic foreign policy. Give you views in the light of vaccine nationalism.

IAEA voices serious concern over Iran’s nuclear activities


  • Iran is North Korea of West Asia. Do you agree?
  • Why is Iran insecure?
  • Was the killing of Soleimani justified?
  •  Instead of Trump’s pullback, European nations continued to deal with Iran. Why is Iran important for Europe?

US suggests a G7 Expansion to Include Australia, India, and South Korea


  • What is the role of G7 in the present world order?
  • What is the importance of G7 over other groupings like G20?
  • Advantages for India in its expansion to G11?

Global Vaccine Summit: India Pledges $15 Million to International Vaccines Alliance Gavi

  • What are the other examples to establish India’s generosity in International fora?
  • Justify such gesture when the fiscal deficit is above 9%

South China Sea Chaos


  • What is the reason for China’s aggressiveness in the South China Sea?
  • Will the fully functional CPEC shift China’s stance over the South China Sea?

Saudi Arabia launches an oil war


  • Why is Russia and OPEC led by Saudi Arabia always confronting one another over crude oil pricing? What are its repercussions for India and where such tussle will end?

60 years of the Indus Water Treaty


  • Should we seek a modification in IWT due to a new dam over the Brahmaputra by China?
  • What are the advantages for an upper riparian state in international water sharing diplomacy?

On the Quad, define the idea, chart a path


  • Why should QUAD not be seen as an extension of China's containment theory of the USA?

Assessing the ‘critical’ importance of Chushul sector in India-China standoff

  • Where does the Chusul sector lie with respect to Pangong Tso lake?

India and RCEP


  • What type of RCEP deal would have been acceptable to India?

Resurgence of Taliban

  • The resurgence of Taliban in Afghanistan is a huge set-back for India. Can you examine its geo-political implications on India?
  • Where did India's Afghan policy go wrong? Why are we not on the negotiation table despite spending so much?

Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW)


  • Countries are phasing out nuclear power but not nuclear weapons. Why?
  • What value does TPNW hold when major nuclear powers are not its signatory?

Power change in USA

  • Has power change in the USA, has affected India favourably or unfavourably?

UN and international organizations

  • Examine the contribution/shortcomings of WHO in controlling the Covid crisis.
  • What role has the world bank/IMF played in stabilizing the global economy after the shock of covid?


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