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4th April 2023 (7 Topics)

A garbage dump that metamorphosed into a lush mini-forest


In a complete transformative example, a dead plot in the chengannur in Alappuzha district of Kerala was converted into a mini forest.

About the news

  • The region had a garbage dump of nearly 0.15 acres of land. Presently, it resembles a teeming forest ecosystem with trees, plants, small mammals, snakes and chirping birds. 
  • The mini-forest on 15 cents of land is now home to 176 trees and plants of 116 species, including several rare, endangered and threatened ones.
  • It has been now completely transformed into a microhabitat.


  • A microhabitat is a small area which differs somehow from the surrounding habitat.
  • Its unique conditions may be home to unique species that may not be found in the larger region.

Afforestation measures in India:

  • The conservation and development of forest primarily involves three strategies – afforestation through natural/artificial regeneration, protection and management.
  • The Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change is implementing three major schemes for development of forest areas i.e. 
    • National Afforestation Programme (NAP) scheme: NAP is being implemented for afforestation of degraded forest lands.
    • National Mission for a Green India (GIM): GIM aims at improving the quality of forest and an increase in forest cover besides cross-sectoral activities on a landscape basis.
    • Forest Fire Prevention & Management Scheme (FFPM): The FFPM takes care of forest fire prevention and management measures.

Miyawaki technique of Urban Afforestation

  • The Miyawaki technique, pioneered by Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki, helps build dense, native forests.
  • It is based on natural reforestation principles, i.e. using trees native to the area and replicating natural forest regeneration processes.

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