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01st March 2024 (10 Topics)

Agalega Island


India and Mauritius inaugurated a strategic airstrip and jetty in the country's outer Agaléga Island.


  • The new airstrip and St. James Jetty in the country's outer Agaléga Island, located 650 km away from the main Mauritius island.
  • The airstrip was extended from 1,300 metres to 3,000 metres to accommodate larger aircraft, while St James Jetty was expanded from 80 metres to 255 metres.

The island

  • The Agalega is a group of two small islands-
    • the North island which is the main island
    • the South Island, located in the Indian Ocean, 1122 Km (697 miles) north of Mauritius
  • Both islands are part of the territories and dependencies of the Republic of Mauritius.

Significance of the move

  • Effective regulations: It will enhance the country’s ability to monitor its large exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and to counter piracy, terrorism and other illegal activities such as unregulated fishing.
  • Better monitoring for India: These facilities in Mauritius, along with the coastal surveillance radar system in the Seychelles, will enable India to enhance the monitoring of crucial sea lanes in the Indian Ocean.

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