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22nd May 2021 (4 Topics)

Brahmaputra Canyon: China constructs strategic highway


China's recent construction of a strategic highway along the Brahmaputra Canyon has significant geopolitical and economic implications. The Brahmaputra Canyon, located in Tibet, is a crucial region due to its strategic position and natural resources. The new highway, which extends through rugged terrain and remote areas, aims to enhance connectivity between China’s interior regions and its border areas.

This infrastructure development is part of China’s broader strategy to strengthen its presence and control in the region, facilitating faster movement of goods and military assets. The highway is expected to boost regional trade and economic activities, offering new opportunities for development in Tibet and its surrounding areas.

However, this project also raises concerns among neighboring countries, particularly India, which shares a border with Tibet. The enhanced infrastructure could potentially alter regional dynamics and impact the geopolitical balance. As such, the highway is likely to be a focal point in discussions about regional security and economic development.

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