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26th August 2023 (10 Topics)

Concrete alliance


With the recent step of BRICS to include six more countries to its alliance, the organisation found a new purpose with its expansion, but also more contradictions.

The Recent Expansion

  • BRICS Summit's 15th edition: It showcased global interest with 22 applications from 40 countries, emphasizing its growing relevance.
  • Countries being included: BRICS expands ambitiously, adding Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Ethiopia, and Argentina, increasing membership from 5 to 11.
  • Significance: Inclusion of major Middle Eastern and African-South American players underscores BRICS' evolving geopolitical and economic influence.

BRICS: Origin & growth

  • Origin: BRICS emerges as counter-narrative to G-7, addressing issues from climate to sanctions, backed by practical initiatives like New Development Bank (NDB) and CRA.
  • Importance of Organisation: With 30% global GDP each, BRICS gains parity with G-7; diverse representation spans 40% of world population.
  • BRICS' expansion adds major oil suppliers, bolstering its energy influence and consolidating its significant global impact.

Contradictions around BRICS

  • China’s global image: BRICS' success marred by internal discord, India-China rivalry, and potential conflicts arising from diverse inductions like Iran-Saudi Arabia.
  • Russia’s war with Ukraine: Political caution needed to avoid discomfort among members with differing global power alignments; Russia's actions raised concerns.
  • Way forward: BRICS' potential lies in shared prosperity and democratic global governance model, counteracting challenges for a cohesive and impactful future.
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