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23rd April 2021 (5 Topics)

FSSAI inaugurated 5th session of Codex Committee on Spices and Culinary Herbs

You are a Director in a Regional Office of FSSAI and your region is known for trading in spices. The COVID pandemic has been brutal towards many traders and the trading community was on the verge of collapse. You have been apprised of adulteration in spices, though it is not harmful to health or affect any properties of spices but it is helping trading community to recover their heavy losses made during lockdown which seems essential to sustain their households during rising inflation. Your father-in-law is thehead of local spice trading board and wants you to overlook this issue and has assured you that the adulteration will be stopped by next week till decent losses are recovered by the traders. The spices being an important ingredient in Indian cuisine is also used now-a-days to prepare concoctions to boost immunity during the pandemic which has led to surge in its demand all over the globe.

Answer the following questions based on above case study

  1. What are the ethical dilemmas faced by you?
  2. Suggest possible options available to you.

What will be your course of action?


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