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18th September 2023 (10 Topics)

India is at a pivotal moment in its health-care journey


In recent years, India has excelled globally in climate change, electrification, manufacturing, and space exploration, yet it grapples with a growing health crisis from non-communicable diseases, endangering its demographic dividend and development prospects.

Emerging Global Role and Concurrent Health Crisis:

  • India's Global Leadership: India is emerging as a global leader in areas like climate change, electrification, manufacturing, and space exploration.
  • Health Crisis: Simultaneously, India faces a growing health crisis with rising cases of diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, cancer, respiratory issues, and depression.
  • NCDs' Economic Impact: If unaddressed, India's non-communicable diseases (NCDs) could cost nearly $4 trillion by 2030, posing a significant obstacle to the country's development and demographic dividend.

Healthcare Industry's Role in Combating NCDs:

  • Awareness and Lifestyle Advocacy: The healthcare industry should raise awareness, advocate healthier lifestyles, and offer comprehensive health check-ups with advanced scans for early disease detection.
  • Healthcare Progress: India has made remarkable progress in healthcare, including improvements in infant and maternal mortality rates and increased life expectancy.
  • MVT Hub: India boasts world-class healthcare infrastructure and clinical talent, making it a fast-growing destination for medical value travel (MVT) due to quality and cost-effectiveness.

Potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare:

  • AI-Driven Solutions: India's healthcare sector is actively adopting AI-driven solutions, especially in diagnostics, to enhance accuracy and efficiency.
  • AI's Transformative Role: AI can predict disease outbreaks, analyze healthcare data, revolutionize drug discovery, and significantly improve patient outcomes.
  • India's AI Potential: With a substantial pool of data scientists, engineers, and healthcare professionals, India is positioned to lead in AI-driven healthcare solutions, potentially adding $1 trillion to its economy by 2035.
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