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23rd November 2022 (11 Topics)

‘India pole’ in international politics


‘India’s stand on issues of global importance indicates that it takes positions that not only suit its interests but are also informed by its sense of being a unique player on the global stage.

India is ‘a side’

  • Unique foreign policy identity: India’s desire for this identity can be found in India’s long struggle for independence, and the articulations of its leaders: both pre- and post-independence.
  • India’s view of itself as a pole: This view is evident from the manner in which it used to pursue non-alignment, conveying its ability to take a position on a given issue on a case-by-case basis.

What it entails

  • Being a pole: For India, it means, not seeking to dominate the South Asian regional subsystem; refusing to seek camp followers or allegiances.
  • Elements of India’s idea of being a pole: Strategic periphery in South Asia; discouraging interference by other powers in that space; welcoming the rule of law and regional order.
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